Tiny Kitchen Series: Burst Cherry Tomato Pasta 小廚房 大料理: 小番茄義大利麵

For the past few months, I’ve been working really long hours, and sometimes not even getting home until after 8 pm at night.  By then, I’m usually exhausted and starving, so I just buy a bento and eat it half heartedly before crashing to bed.  After a few weeks of this, I’m noticing that it’s having such a negative effect on my lifestyle, and I want change!  As I mentioned in this previous post, lately, I’ve been trying to make more active use of my kitchen. Even though it’s super tiny, it’s still adequate enough to cook and bake. I thought I would start a new series, “Tiny Kitchen” to document my latest adventures cooking (and baking here).  It always helps me to have a concrete (yet realistic!) goal in mind, so my goals are to make dinners at least twice a week for the next month. This pasta is the first in the series, and it was inspired by a box of cherry tomatoes that I received in my weekly fruit box delivery.  In Taiwan, cherry tomatoes  are a fruit. However, I personally consider them to be a vegetable, and thought they would be perfect for a quick, yet satisfying dinner. A quick search on the internet, and I was in luck.  How can you resist a recipe with this description? “Juicy sweet cherry tomatoes burst open in warm olive oil, creating a luxuriously silky sauce that comes together in minutes”.

最近的生活只能用一個字來形容。 就是: 忙 。很多晚上都加班到8點多才回家。一到家就在附近隨便買個便當或是麵包 吃完就差不多想睡覺了。 我其實很不喜歡這樣! 所以想從些小小的調整還有改變開始。 雖然我家廚房不大 但其實是方便;該有的設備都有, 可以舒服的做菜還有烘培的。 我下定決心~ 要每一個禮拜至少有兩天, 在家吃晚餐 ~ 而且是吃自己做的菜!

這次做的菜真的超級簡單的。 小番茄是果物配這一週送來的  看到番茄, 我就會想吃義大利麵! 一下是世上最簡單的番茄義大利麵作法。PS- 在我廚房最常用的小刀就是這個瑞士番茄刀 (除了切番茄以外 也很適合切麵包)

By the way, there is actually a knife by Victorinox, made especially for slicing tomatoes!  This knife is one of the most often used knives in my kitchen, so handy for slicing tomatoes, and bread, actually.


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