Reflecting on a year of planning with Hobonichi Techo

I’m always looking for ways to make my life more organized, and one of the tools I want to share with you today is the planner that I use.  This is the second year I’ve used the English version of the Hobonichi Techo.  It’s a planner system that works perfectly for me for a few reasons.  One of main reasons is I really like the format.  The entire journal has a faint grid pattern, which can help you keep your lists nice and neat. There is a section of monthly pages:


Hobonichi Techo (English version) monthly overview Original image source from:

There is one full page for every day~ which is enough space for me to write down both work and personal events.


Hobonichi Techo (English version) daily page Original image source from:

The other favorite feature are the quotes found at the bottom of each page. For me, it’s like getting a present everyday.  Some of the quotes are silly, some of them can be quite insightful.


Hobonichi Techo (English version) daily quotes Original image source from:

Some of my favorite quotes from this year were:

“The concept of the Paralympics is “don’t count the things you’ve lost–make the best of what you’ve still got.” I first met sit-skier Takeshi Suzuki when he was still in high school, and I’ll never forget what he told me: “My disability- not having legs- is my weapon.” Former NHK_ Pro No. 1

“Don’t judge people by what they’ve said; judge them by what they’ve done.” Shigesato Itoi

“It’s important that you not fear failure; every single moment of every single day.  You’ve got to get along with failure because it’s bound to happen to you.  But if you learn to get along with failure, you’ll never be tyrannized by it.” David Leveaux

“When you’re starting something new, you’ve got to move the rocks out of your way before achieving a breakthrough.  Once the actual cultivation begins things get a lot easier.” Shigesato Itoi

“When I write, I feel like a sprinter. So I can’t write too much at one time.  If I do, I’m too wiped out to write the next day. ”  Nisioisin

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