Field Trip: Daylight 光合箱子 Brunch

Daylight光合箱子 (Dongmen Branch)| Address:  Chaozhou Street, No. 93, Taipei, Da-An District|Phone: 02-2322570| Hours: 9:00-18:00 | Daylight光合箱子 (Huashan Branch) Huashan Creative Park, Bade Road, Section 1, Number 1 |Phone:地址:台北市大安區潮州街93號|電話:02-23225703 |營業時間:9:00am to 6:00 pm|Daylight 光合箱子 (華山店) 地址:電話:營業時間:10:00 am ~ 09:00 pm

If this endless heat is wilting your appetite, I highly suggest paying a visit to Daylight 光合箱子~ a restaurant that specializes in enormous servings of fresh vegetables, freshly made bread and homemade yogurt.   For my first visit, I tried their salmon scrambled eggs, over freshly baked bread.  The plate arrived accompanied by the trademark generous serving of salad and roasted vegetables,  and a small serving of  handmade yogurt.

最近天氣真的開始熱了。 一到了這個季節 我就想過悠閒的日子~例如睡到自然醒, 然後再跟朋友們去吃早午餐。 最近發現了 Daylight 光合箱子 的 brunch~ 吃了兩次後, 非常推薦給大家。 喜歡他們超大份量的蔬菜 & 手工優格。

The entire plate was delicious. However, the star of the show was their handmade yogurt, which was creamy, with just a hint of tanginess, topped with brown sugar and assorted nuts and seeds.  This brunch kept me full, yet energized for almost the entire day~ from about 11:00 pm to 6:30 pm, through two meetings! Usually by the end of one of those meetings, I start craving sweets and coffee, but this time, I just sat calmly (and a bit smugly) in my chair, while the others ran out during the break to get their fix.

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Field Trip: ASW Teahouse 永樂市場最平靜的角落

I love Taipei’s fabric district, especially Yong-Le Market.  It’s where I search for fabrics and ribbons for a lot of my projects.   The selection is vast, but there is so much condensed into one area that sometimes you just need a quiet spot for a break.  I found a gem of a teahouse upstairs from the bustling market area, called ASW Tea House, and it’s a perfect place to rest your mind (and feet!).


ASW Tea House feels like a library. The walls are painted a dark green and there is soft, ambient lighting.


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Field Trip: Cafe and Meal Muji (Taipei) 無印良品餐廳 ( 阪急店)

Information: Cafe & Meal Muji is located in the B2 Level of Hankyu Department Store, Taipei. | PH:02-2345-8551 |Hours of Operation: M-Thu: 11:00-21:30,Last order 21:00, Fri-Sun & National Holidays: 11:00-22:00,Last order 21:30 | More photos can be found here.

Cafe & Meal Muji opened in Taipei sometime in early 2015.  I kind of imagined to be an idyllic place~ where we could eat slowly and really enjoy the food.  That, was only a figment of my imagination. In reality, is that Cafe & Muji is a crowded, hectic little piece of square footage in the basement of one of Taipei’s busiest malls. Ever since it’s opening, there is always lots of people waiting in line. I happened to pass by one rainy afternoon, and decided to try my luck.  The front of the cafe now has a kiosk, where you can enter in your mobile phone number, and they send you a text message when there is a table available.  You can also specify if you are willing to share a table with other people, which may speed up your wait.  Then you can wander off and browse in the store and wait to be notified via text message.

Once your spot is available, you have to wait for the staff to lead you to a table, then you have to wait in line again, to select your food.  The basic formula is you can choose set menus consisting of three items (one hot food item, and two salad items, or two hot items and one salad)  for $220 NTD, or four items for $270 NTD (two hot, two cold items)  There is invariably a hold up because there is always someone ahead of you that cannot make up their mind, and/or changes their mind about 5-6 times.


Luckily, they have a semi-open kitchen where you can watch the food being created.  Dozens of staff are bustling about, churning out the food that is served in the cafe. They seem to use the same kitchen tools that are sold in the store (some appear a bit larger, and are probably designed for restaurant use)  Continue reading

Field Trip: Finding Holiday Gift Ideas at Afternoon Tea

Update: As of September 2017, Afternoon Tea has closed all its branches in Taipei

Where did the time go? It’s only three days left until Christmas. It’s work as usual here in Taiwan for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I’m as busy as ever.  Holiday shopping and gift wrapping is happening in ebbs and flows, as much as my schedule allows (you can see a lot of what’s happening over on my Instagram) I wanted to share with you one of my other favorite places to find holiday gifts for friends, family or office colleagues.  Previously, I haven’t done much shopping at Afternoon Tea, a Japanese brand that sells both homewares, cookware, stationery and clothing because I had the impression that most of the items were too cutesy for my taste.  However, I soon discovered that is completely not the case now.  Currently, there is wonderful selection of items that would make fabulous and functional gifts.

A few weeks ago, I arrived for a lunch date with some time to spare, so I had time to wander around the Afternoon Tea location in the Tienmu Sogo, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.  I’ll show you a few pictures of my top finds in this post.  The stores are a bit crowded, so it’s hard to take clear pictures, without being jostled by other people; and you can’t really move things around that much on the shelves either, so it’s hard to photograph one particular item.  So please bear with the cluttered photos. Now onto my favorites for the holidays!

One of my favorite items is this clear glass teapot. I love the clear glass because you can see what’s inside~ so wonderful for fruit teas. Also, there is a stainless steel lid with an adorable wooden knob.  I imagine that the tea pot lid stays put while pouring, but if you need to steady it with your hand, the wooden knob will be somewhat heatproof.


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