Field Trip: Pasticceria Confetteria Cova in Taipei. 米蘭百年甜點老店COVA來台灣了 (信義微風)

At first, I really didn’t think Taipei needed yet another department store, but I’ve been warming up to the new Breeze Department store,  which is located in the heart of the Xinyi District. It’s now home to my beloved Crate & Barrel, and also one of my new favorites to go for afternoon tea, Cova. Cova is an Italian patisserie from Milan, and their specialties are chocolate and of course, their desserts.


Since April, I’ve been there quite a few times; both on my own, and with friends.  Each time, I’ve found their service to be warm, friendly and considerate.


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Hello Hong Kong! I See, i See (Handcrafted Icy Desserts)

One of  nights during our trip, we were wandering around the streets of Causeway Bay, when I realized that everyone passing by me in the streets had a delicious looking popsicle in their hand.  We followed the crowd, and happened upon this adorable shop called “I see, i See,” which sells handcrafted popsicles!


The interior is airy and bright, and you can see the menu right when you walk into the shop. There are basic flavors, and also special seasonal flavors, which are written in chalk.


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