Field Trip: UZNA OMOM Harajuku Pancake 杏桃鬆餅屋 (南港 Citylink)

Once upon a time, Uzna Omom used to have just one location somewhere in Taipei’s East District (東區) A table was difficult to come by, and the dining experience always felt a little frenzied, as it usually does with popular cafes in Taipei.   Luckily, Uzna Onom opened up quite a few more stores around town, so it’s become easier to have one of their hearty soufflé pancakes and matcha lattes.

On a side note, it was only when I moved back to Asia before I realized that savory pancakes were a thing.  Before then, I thought pancakes were more of a breakfast food, topped with maple syrup or fresh fruit, and maybe whipped cream or ice cream if you were being really decadent.  It was only recently that I realized pancakes could have a whole other life form~ and can be topped with smoked salmon, or cheese.  But to be very honest, pancakes are firmly etched in my brain as a sweet food item, and I haven’t been too convinced otherwise.

My favorite item to order at Uzna Omom is the thick soufflé pancake.  Apparently, this pancake is only available in Taipei!

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