Favorite Gifts for Kids~ 兒童節快樂!

April 4th is Children’s Day here in Taiwan. It’s a national holiday, so even I get a day off (even though I am no longer a kid) So, I thought that this would be a good occasion to share with everyone my favorite gifts for kids.  I generally like to give gifts that have a common theme.  If I find that a kid loves a particular toy, I’ll buy  something to add to his/her collection next time.  I also like to give supplies like crayons or a set of pens, if the kid is older, because they always come in handy.
I love giving wooden toys~ among my three favorites are this coffee machine, toaster and robot.  They are sturdy and colorful.  The toaster actually comes with two pieces of wooden toast that can pop up!
The adult in me also enjoys selecting accessories for a kid’s room. I love the easy shape of this wooden lamp~ the on-off switch is just the cutest, and would be easy for little fingers to operate.  I also like the animal shaped bookends.  And of course, you can’t give bookends without giving at least one book. I love Amy Rosenthal’s book “Chopsticks” which teaches the importance of friendship and teamwork.

到了兒童節 就想跟大家分享我喜歡送給小朋友的禮物
我喜歡送木頭的玩具 這個咖啡機,麵包機跟機器人都是我的 top 選擇。這些玩具小孩看了眼睛會亮起來 大人看到了 也會覺得放在家裡當擺飾也很精巧

除了玩具 我也喜歡送房間的小東西 像這個電燈, 故事書 & 動物形狀的書擋(bookends)

Favorite toys for kids (Children's Day, Taiwan)

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