Heritage Bakery & Cafe Pop-up Shop in Mitsukoshi A4, B2 (until October 31, 2018)

Information: Heritage Bakery and Cafe Pop Up Shop, Xinyi Mistukoshi  Department Store, B2 level.

Heritage Bakery and Cafe: Hankou Street, Section 1, No. 73-2, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District| Phone: 02 2311 1079| Website: |台北市中正區漢口街一段73號之2

Today, I interrupt all regularly scheduled programming to bring you the important news that Heritage Bakery has a pop up shop!  I’ve written about Heritage previously. Their dreamy pink guava chiffon cake constantly pops up in my daydreams… The great news is that until October 31st, you can find some of their classics right in their pop up shop, in the A4 building, B2 level of Mitsubishi department store.

The pop up shop is located in the food court level of the A4 building. Even though it’s a small shop you will be able to find their signature desserts, such as the guava chiffon cake (Guava Delight) and carrot cake, and also their decadent cinnamon rolls. Two new types of cake that can also be found exclusively at the pop up are the Pink Guava Cheesecake and their caramel chocolate cake.

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