Field Trip: Sitting in a tree at Cafe Trouvé ~ 找到咖啡館

最近發覺了:”找到咖啡館”  環境蠻舒適的~空間很大 而且就在台大校園的角落。 窗外有綠油油的樹, 還有台大的網球場。 我本來是要來這邊工作的~但很快就被網球場的 view 分心了。

Lately, I’ve been seriously absentminded. It takes me forever to form a coherent train of thoughts.  My friend Peggy says, it’s actually one way your brain gets a chance for a rest.  If I can recommend one place to do a little day dreaming, it’s here at Cafe Trouvé


Cafe Trouvé has spacious outdoors seating that looks out onto the trees surrounding NTU’s campus.  There is only a small window of opportunity to sit outside in Taiwan…and it’s right about now. Otherwise it’s a bit too cold and and damp in the winter, and completely too hot and humid in the summer. (and you would be carried away by the mosquitos)


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