End of the year project: Small kitchen organization challenge! 小廚房的大挑戰 1: 碗盤收納

I can’t believe that 2016 is almost over!  I always have some projects that I want to tackle during this time of year, so I can start the new year on a new page.   It’s also one of the busiest seasons for me at work, so in order to keep the projects from becoming too overwhelming, I’m just going to focus on small projects that can be done in one hour or less

很快又到了年尾了!  準備新的一年的來臨, 我都會想改善一些生活環境的小細節, 讓我日常生活變得跟舒適. 這署假 搬了新家 ~很喜歡新的房子, 但搬進來之後 除了把幾本生活料理好, 沒什麼餘力去管別的了.  前幾天下訂了決心做一些一直掛在 心上的小 projects來迎接新年.  第一個 小 project 是從廚房下手!  我是廚具比衣服還多的人, 所以廚房裡的收那對我來講很重要.先在的廚房雖然小, 但該有的都有. 但還是覺得我沒有好好善用這個空間.  這次, 我想調整一下廚櫃的空間. 最近我收集了不少碗盤, 可惜的事 擺放的方式比較不方便。

Today, I want to share with you some small changes that I have made to my kitchen, that have made using it much more enjoyable.

First, some background information:

Last summer, I decided to move from the suburbs back to the city again.  Similar to other densely populated cities around the world, apartments located in the city center of Taipei are very small. To conserve space, most of the smaller apartments come without a kitchen. For some people, the lack of a kitchen isn’t a big issue, but for me, it’s a definite non-starter; since cooking and eating at home is really important to me.  For two months, I searched high and low for an apartment with any kind of kitchen space. At one point, I was ready to give up, and just compromise by buying a hotplate and doing my dishes in the bathroom sink. But at the absolute last minute, my current apartment popped up, and it was ideal in more ways than one.

My current apartment has a kitchen counter, a small electric induction stove, and a small refrigerator.  The washer/dryer combination is cleverly fitted into the kitchen counter, thus freeing up space elsewhere in the apartment. (After years of living in dorms, and apartment buildings with shared laundry facilities, having my own washer and dryer always brings forth continual feelings of joy) The kitchen has four drawers and two cupboards. Which for a normal person, should be adequate storage. But for me, a person who can never resist a pretty plate, or kitchen gadget, and who probably has more plates than shoes,  there is certainly room for improvement.

The two challenges I have for the kitchen space are :

(1) How to maximize space in the existing cupboards

(2) Maintain a clutter free look in the kitchen space

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Hello Hong Kong! My Travel Tips

I always want to know two things before taking a trip: what do I need to pack?” and “what should I wear?” In this post, I thought I would share with you some personal travel tips I’ve picked up during my trips to Hong Kong these past 2 years.  I’ll make some quick comments on what to wear, what to bring with you when you’re out and about, and about where to stay.

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