Hello Seoul! Jaju Homeware and Kitchenware (Korea’s version of Muji) | Jaju~ 韓國版本的無印良品!

Information: Jaju Flagship Store 536-15 Sinsia-Dong (next to Coffee Smith) Seoul, Korea |Subway stop: Sinsia, Exit 8| Hours: 11am-10pm.

Website: http://www.jaju.co.kr/display/displayShop?_=

I always relish the opportunity to visit  a good homeware and kitchen store, in every  country that I visit.  When I was researching about what to do on my trip to Seoul, I read about Jaju here and here.   I learned that Jaju is one of Korea’s first lifestyle brands, and their goal is to offer affordable, simple and well-designed products to the everyday person.  Some even refer to it as Korea’s version of Muji. These were reasons enough to spark my curiosity, so it was on the top of my list of things to do in Korea.

The flagship store is located in Sinsia-Dong, Garosu-gil Road. To get there, take the subway to Sinsia station (Line 3, Stop no.337).


Then come out of exit 8, and walk straight ahead for about 10 minutes, and Garosu-gil is on your left hand side.IMG_2889

For your reference, Jaju is located right next to the big coffee shop Coffee Smith.

I felt pretty happy the second that I walked in and saw that there were three floors of my favorite categories of items to explore.


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Field Trip: Cafe and Meal Muji (Taipei) 無印良品餐廳 ( 阪急店)

Information: Cafe & Meal Muji is located in the B2 Level of Hankyu Department Store, Taipei. | PH:02-2345-8551 |Hours of Operation: M-Thu: 11:00-21:30,Last order 21:00, Fri-Sun & National Holidays: 11:00-22:00,Last order 21:30 | More photos can be found here.

Cafe & Meal Muji opened in Taipei sometime in early 2015.  I kind of imagined to be an idyllic place~ where we could eat slowly and really enjoy the food.  That, was only a figment of my imagination. In reality, is that Cafe & Muji is a crowded, hectic little piece of square footage in the basement of one of Taipei’s busiest malls. Ever since it’s opening, there is always lots of people waiting in line. I happened to pass by one rainy afternoon, and decided to try my luck.  The front of the cafe now has a kiosk, where you can enter in your mobile phone number, and they send you a text message when there is a table available.  You can also specify if you are willing to share a table with other people, which may speed up your wait.  Then you can wander off and browse in the store and wait to be notified via text message.

Once your spot is available, you have to wait for the staff to lead you to a table, then you have to wait in line again, to select your food.  The basic formula is you can choose set menus consisting of three items (one hot food item, and two salad items, or two hot items and one salad)  for $220 NTD, or four items for $270 NTD (two hot, two cold items)  There is invariably a hold up because there is always someone ahead of you that cannot make up their mind, and/or changes their mind about 5-6 times.


Luckily, they have a semi-open kitchen where you can watch the food being created.  Dozens of staff are bustling about, churning out the food that is served in the cafe. They seem to use the same kitchen tools that are sold in the store (some appear a bit larger, and are probably designed for restaurant use)  Continue reading

Field Trip: Finding kitchen treasures at Woolloomooloo’s WXY Yakka~ 讓我找到回憶跟創意的小店

Many of you know that Woolloomooloo is a hip urban gastropub in Taipei that serves Australian-style lattes and a wonderful variety of Western style entrees and appetisers.


But, to me, the best part about Woolloomooloo is the desserts.  My most heartfelt love goes to their strawberry tart.  It is perfection on a plate. The organic strawberries are ripe, sweet and juicy, and the creamy smooth tart base has just the right hint of tanginess.



學生時代的時候, 我在澳洲住了將近四年。 那時候, 最enjoy的是澳洲的咖啡。 那裡的咖啡就是小小的一杯, 但非常濃郁。 喝完了那一杯真的會讓你精神百倍。 回想一下, 我那幾年加起來大概喝了上百杯的小小杯咖啡吧! 後來時透過好朋友 Janet 才知道 Wolloomoolo 也能喝到澳洲 style 的咖啡。

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Field Trip: Royal Copenhagen Cafe, Taipei~皇家哥本哈根咖啡輕食複合店

Information: Zhongxiao Sogo Department Store(the one with the clocks in the front) 4th Floor, Zhongxiao East Road, Section 4, No. 45, 4th Floor, Taipei City. 忠孝SOGO 4F 台北市忠孝東路四段45號4樓

Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, not because I’ve had blogger burnout, but because of poor time management. Time management is on the top of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015, alongside with “do more of what I love,” so blogging about food, desserts and kitchenware will all be a big part of my life this year. One of my favorite places of 2014 was the Royal Copenhagen Cafe here in Taipei.


I’ve been there a few times before, and find myself going back every once in awhile for one main purpose.  To ogle the dishes. That’s not to say the food isn’t good (some of it is!) but the dishes are  truly the leading stars of this show.  (For brevity, I’m going to condense about 3-4 visits into this post)


不好意思讓大家久等了, 我回來了! 抱歉, 最近事情實在太多了, 所以時間管理大亂。 但剛忙完一波 應該會比較有時間寫文章了。在2014 年的時候, 我發現了皇家哥本哈根咖啡輕食複合店~一直沒機會跟大家分享!

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