Hello Hong Kong! LOG-ON, Midori Traveler’s Notebook Hong Kong Tramways Edition and Simply Life

Information: Simply Life  Shop A,C&D, G/F, 13-15 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong |銅鑼灣Fashion Walk加寧街13-15號地下A,C&D舖 | Log-On Fashion Walk, Level 1 Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

When I was in Hong Kong, I made time to visit the Log-On Store to see the「Traveler’s notebook and Hong Kong Tramways」special edition. The Log-On store that carries this line is located in the Fashion Walk shopping complex, in Causeway Bay. (I went to the other Log On Store in Kowloon Tong, and they did not have them there)


In case you are wondering, Log-On is a branch of City Super, which is a chain of grocery stores that sells a combination of local and imported products. I think the City Super chain originated in Hong Kong, and now there are several branches in Taiwan too.  In Hong Kong, Log-On houses all the lifestyle, homeware and stationery products and is in a completely separate section from the groceries. In Taipei, there is some stationery in the City Super Stores, but the layout is not very user friendly. It’s sort of squished in the same section as the sweets and personal care products.  While it’s convenient enough to do some impulse shopping, while you are popping in to buy milk or something, I think it would be better to have  a separate section just for stationery and lifestyle products.

Back to the Log-On store in Fashion Walk, which was really very pleasant to shop in. The layout of the store is clear, and there is plenty of space for you to browse. Naturally, the first thing to catch my eye was the washi tape display.


The Traveler’s notebook and Hong Kong Tramways special edition display is located a little further into the store.


I seriously wish it was my job to design these bulletin boards. Love everything on this board, and the way it was laid out. So many fun details.

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The Early Bird Gets the Worm! Stationery Flash Sale Shopping Spree Experience at Books.com.tw

Living in Taiwan has a very important perk. What is that, you may ask? Is it the convenience factor? Yes. The great food? Yes. The great desserts? Yes, yes! But another absolutely delightful perk is the wonderful array of stationery that is available, any time, anywhere. If you like lovingly curated stores, then my friend Tiger’s Plain Stationery is perfect for you. But, occasionally, if you want to shop at home, in your pyjamas in the dead of the night, or in the wee hours of the morning, then there is no better site to do it than on Books.com.tw.  I would equate books.com.tw to Taiwan’s version of Amazon; similarly it is a vast website filled with books, lifestyle products, electronics, clothing, homeware and also stationery.  One wee morning, I received a message from my friend Peggy, who said told me they were having a gigantic sale, and that items were up to 90% off.  I threw down my phone, rushed to my computer and that was when the madness began.  I clicked, I panicked, I rejoiced, I was disappointed, then elated again, and I put items in my cart, and sent in my order in less than 30 minutes.  Competition was fierce. It seems like all of Taiwan was competing with me for those Moleskine notebooks and Cavallini stamps! Afterwards, I couldn’t remember exactly what I bought, but I recall that I really needed everything that I put in my cart.  😀

The order was processed and sent in 24 hours. I was sort of surprised when I went to pick up the boxes… two boxes?! And one of them was so heavy that I had to put them down on a stoop to rest.


Ta-da! As my friend Carol says, shopping of this magnitude can only be described with one word. Haul. And she is absolutely right. This was a stationery haul. Except for the regular sized Traveler’s notebook, which was about 40% off, the rest of the items were about 70-90% off their retail price.



前幾天收到 Peggy 的訊息說 博客來文具在打折!!! 我立刻馬上right now 現在的衝到電腦前面開始了瘋狂的 shopping frenzy.  不到半個小時很有效率的買完一些喜歡,使用的文具。 買完的時候, 跟 Peggy 說, 這是史上在博客來買文具最爽的一次! 大家來看看我的開箱文吧!

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Field Trip: MT Expo (washi tape) in Taipei 2014~ 2O14mt博海外首展在台北 [Updated!]

As all of you may know from my blog posts here and over at my Instagram, I’m crazy about washi tape.  My love for washi tape knows no bounds, and I incorporate it into my daily life whenever and wherever I can.  So, I was thrilled to learn back in August that one of my favorite brands of Japanese washi tape, MT was putting on their first major exhibit overseas right here in Taipei!

A few days before the beginning of the MT Expo in Taipei, the organizers brought out this adorable video on YouTube.

Wow, from the video, it really looks pretty crowded… but I’m happy to report that I did not experience those crowds at all.  I visited a few days after the grand opening, and everything was a lot calmer then.  If you are in Taipei, the exhibit is open until November 16th.


A lot of people don’t really understand my washi tape obsession.  I’m often met with a puzzled expression and the words “it’s just tape?”  Sigh. It’s not just pretty tape.  (Although, it’s perfectly acceptable to like something just because it’s decorative) However, washi tape is a perfectly functional tool.  While not all brands are created equal, the tapes by MT are actually pretty durable.  They are waterproof, reusable, and can be stuck firmly to a variety of surfaces.   I personally think that if adding a bit of tape to a otherwise mundane surface can make it more cheerful looking, then why not?  For example, MT tape was able to transform a fairly glum concrete redistribution center into a colorful exhibition ground.   Even an ordinary city bus looks much more inviting with covered with swaths of multi-color tape.


If my car ever needs a new color, I’m going to skip paint and just cover it from bumper to bumper in washi tape instead!


Anyway, onto the Expo! The Expo is located inside an old warehouse/distribution type of building.  There is plenty of  wall space and floor space to display all the washi tape.



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