Hello Tokyo! Visiting the Traveler’s Factory, in Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Information: Address: 3-13-10,Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku,Tokyo, 153-0051,JAPAN| Phone number: TEL / 03-6412-7830| Opening Hours: 12:00-8:00 pm, closed on Tuesdays| Closest metro station: Tokyo Metro Hibiya line at Nakameguro station| Website: https://www.travelers-factory.com

My enthusiasm for the Traveler’s Notebook was sparked by my friend Peggy, who introduced me to the entire line during a day trip to Taichung.    That was the moment I fell in love with everything about the notebook, the design, the layout, and mostly, the versatility.  Since then, I’ve been really lucky to see the celebration of their 10 year anniversary, and even to find them all the way in Hong Kong.  A trip to see the Traveler’s Factory in Tokyo has always been one of my dreams, and it was during this trip that my dream finally came into fruition.


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Hello Hong Kong! LOG-ON, Midori Traveler’s Notebook Hong Kong Tramways Edition and Simply Life

Information: Simply Life  Shop A,C&D, G/F, 13-15 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong |銅鑼灣Fashion Walk加寧街13-15號地下A,C&D舖 | Log-On Fashion Walk, Level 1 Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

When I was in Hong Kong, I made time to visit the Log-On Store to see the「Traveler’s notebook and Hong Kong Tramways」special edition. The Log-On store that carries this line is located in the Fashion Walk shopping complex, in Causeway Bay. (I went to the other Log On Store in Kowloon Tong, and they did not have them there)


In case you are wondering, Log-On is a branch of City Super, which is a chain of grocery stores that sells a combination of local and imported products. I think the City Super chain originated in Hong Kong, and now there are several branches in Taiwan too.  In Hong Kong, Log-On houses all the lifestyle, homeware and stationery products and is in a completely separate section from the groceries. In Taipei, there is some stationery in the City Super Stores, but the layout is not very user friendly. It’s sort of squished in the same section as the sweets and personal care products.  While it’s convenient enough to do some impulse shopping, while you are popping in to buy milk or something, I think it would be better to have  a separate section just for stationery and lifestyle products.

Back to the Log-On store in Fashion Walk, which was really very pleasant to shop in. The layout of the store is clear, and there is plenty of space for you to browse. Naturally, the first thing to catch my eye was the washi tape display.


The Traveler’s notebook and Hong Kong Tramways special edition display is located a little further into the store.


I seriously wish it was my job to design these bulletin boards. Love everything on this board, and the way it was laid out. So many fun details.

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The Early Bird Gets the Worm! Stationery Flash Sale Shopping Spree Experience at Books.com.tw

Living in Taiwan has a very important perk. What is that, you may ask? Is it the convenience factor? Yes. The great food? Yes. The great desserts? Yes, yes! But another absolutely delightful perk is the wonderful array of stationery that is available, any time, anywhere. If you like lovingly curated stores, then my friend Tiger’s Plain Stationery is perfect for you. But, occasionally, if you want to shop at home, in your pyjamas in the dead of the night, or in the wee hours of the morning, then there is no better site to do it than on Books.com.tw.  I would equate books.com.tw to Taiwan’s version of Amazon; similarly it is a vast website filled with books, lifestyle products, electronics, clothing, homeware and also stationery.  One wee morning, I received a message from my friend Peggy, who said told me they were having a gigantic sale, and that items were up to 90% off.  I threw down my phone, rushed to my computer and that was when the madness began.  I clicked, I panicked, I rejoiced, I was disappointed, then elated again, and I put items in my cart, and sent in my order in less than 30 minutes.  Competition was fierce. It seems like all of Taiwan was competing with me for those Moleskine notebooks and Cavallini stamps! Afterwards, I couldn’t remember exactly what I bought, but I recall that I really needed everything that I put in my cart.  😀

The order was processed and sent in 24 hours. I was sort of surprised when I went to pick up the boxes… two boxes?! And one of them was so heavy that I had to put them down on a stoop to rest.


Ta-da! As my friend Carol says, shopping of this magnitude can only be described with one word. Haul. And she is absolutely right. This was a stationery haul. Except for the regular sized Traveler’s notebook, which was about 40% off, the rest of the items were about 70-90% off their retail price.



前幾天收到 Peggy 的訊息說 博客來文具在打折!!! 我立刻馬上right now 現在的衝到電腦前面開始了瘋狂的 shopping frenzy.  不到半個小時很有效率的買完一些喜歡,使用的文具。 買完的時候, 跟 Peggy 說, 這是史上在博客來買文具最爽的一次! 大家來看看我的開箱文吧!

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New uses for old things: I’ll fly away~ upcycling my Midori kraft file folder with airplane baggage tags

My obsession with my Midori’s Traveler’s note book is still going strong! I’ve been using this setup since August, and I’m still really happy with it. For 2015, I’ve decided to use the passport sized TN for my daily appointment book. To keep the leather cover from bursting, I’m going to limit the number of notebooks that I carry around to two notebooks (one year overview calendar, and one weekly view) a clear zip case, a kraft file and of course, my trusty plastic sheet, which makes writing on bumpier surfaces a breeze .


As I was cleaning out the accumulated bits and and pieces for the new year, I realized that my kraft file was looking a little worse for wear. This sturdy folder usually holds a few washi cards, some stamps, my plastic writing sheet, and some odds and ends (ok, a LOT of odds and ends!) such as business cards from places that I want to blog about, or shopping lists, or recipes that I’ve scribbled down.  I had the intention of decorating it, but I never got around to it.  But recently, I was inspired by Patrick Ng’s idea of making a bookmark from airplane baggage tags. You can see his beautiful work on his blog, Scription.


Of course, you never have a luggage tags around when inspiration strikes! I stuck mine from my most recent trip to Hong Kong in a scrapbook, without realizing their potential for utter usefulness!  I learned from Patrick’s blog and this article from Slate Magazine, that these sticky strips, otherwise known as “Automated Baggage Tags” are actually a combination of silicon, plastic and paper. Plus, they are resistant to heat, cold, sunlight, oil and moisture.  This combination is interesting to me, because in reality, a lot of my notebooks, or papers etc. are exposed to these elements on a regular basis (especially when I’m baking or cooking new recipes, I often inadvertently have to turn pages or write notes with a wet or sticky hand)  Luckily for me, my brother came back recently on a jet plane (I love that song, so I look for excuses to say “jet plane,” whenever I can) and he was nice enough to dig them back out from the recycling bin for me.


I had a fun half hour or so, on a rainy winter’s afternoon, up-cycling my kraft file folder.  It was fun to place the barcodes, which computerizes the task of matching every boarded passenger, to every piece of luggage loaded onboard the aircraft,  in different patterns on the folder’s surface. TPE is my favorite destination, so I featured it as often as I could! Hopefully my kraft file folder will be good for a few months with my little upgrade.  I didn’t have enough to cover the interior of the folder, but  that will change after the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays.


As I get older, I find myself being drawn to everyday items that are beautiful, yet durable and sturdy. And, I’m always happy to prolong their life by giving them a little upgrade.  If anything, I love them even more after the upgrade.