Field Trip: Daylight 光合箱子 Brunch

Daylight光合箱子 (Dongmen Branch)| Address:  Chaozhou Street, No. 93, Taipei, Da-An District|Phone: 02-2322570| Hours: 9:00-18:00 | Daylight光合箱子 (Huashan Branch) Huashan Creative Park, Bade Road, Section 1, Number 1 |Phone:地址:台北市大安區潮州街93號|電話:02-23225703 |營業時間:9:00am to 6:00 pm|Daylight 光合箱子 (華山店) 地址:電話:營業時間:10:00 am ~ 09:00 pm

If this endless heat is wilting your appetite, I highly suggest paying a visit to Daylight 光合箱子~ a restaurant that specializes in enormous servings of fresh vegetables, freshly made bread and homemade yogurt.   For my first visit, I tried their salmon scrambled eggs, over freshly baked bread.  The plate arrived accompanied by the trademark generous serving of salad and roasted vegetables,  and a small serving of  handmade yogurt.

最近天氣真的開始熱了。 一到了這個季節 我就想過悠閒的日子~例如睡到自然醒, 然後再跟朋友們去吃早午餐。 最近發現了 Daylight 光合箱子 的 brunch~ 吃了兩次後, 非常推薦給大家。 喜歡他們超大份量的蔬菜 & 手工優格。

The entire plate was delicious. However, the star of the show was their handmade yogurt, which was creamy, with just a hint of tanginess, topped with brown sugar and assorted nuts and seeds.  This brunch kept me full, yet energized for almost the entire day~ from about 11:00 pm to 6:30 pm, through two meetings! Usually by the end of one of those meetings, I start craving sweets and coffee, but this time, I just sat calmly (and a bit smugly) in my chair, while the others ran out during the break to get their fix.

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Hello Tokyo! Number Sugar and Spiral Market in Omotesando

Information: Number Sugar| Address: 5-11-11 Jingumae  1F, Shibuya 150-0001|Phone: 03-6427-3334 |Hours: 11am to 8pm (Closed Tuesdays)   Spiral Market |Address: 2F, 5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku | Phone: +81 (0) 3 3498 5792| Website:

One of the new (to me) discoveries I made on this trip was the discovery of the Omotesandō (表参道) area.  I never expected to love it so much, but I really do.  The streets are dotted with lots of fun, quirky little shops, and it’s also an interesting place to people-watch. In addition to visiting the Nezu Museum during this trip, I also discovered two other gems that I would make repeat visits to next year: Number Sugar and the Spiral Market. 

Number Sugar is a confectionery store that specializes in handmade caramels.  They have 10 flavors that are made fresh, on site, daily.  However, after exiting the Omotesando subway station, it was a bit of a wild goose chase.  On paper (or on Google Maps) the streets of Tokyo are labeled by district (chōme), block (ban) and house numbers (gō).  Theoretically, this seems clear enough, until you realize that there are hardly any visible street signs!

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Field Trip: Xiao Qi’s Creator’s Market 小器生活空間華山店 手紙社 Creator’s Market

I’ve been a huge fan of Xiaoqi after my first visit to their Chifeng Store.  Several favorite items in my home are from there, and at first I was sad that their store in Eslite, Xinyi closed down, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they had opened up shop in the Huashan Creative Park.

大家都知道我是 “小器” 的忠厚粉絲。 家裡很多喜歡的生活道具都是這裏慢慢的選的。 本來覺得好傷心信義誠品的分店搬走了~ 但很開心的發覺小器辦到 華山藝文中心了。 我覺得這個地點真的很適合她們。 場地寬敞, 隔壁也可以有小器食堂! 我這次是特別來逛手紙社的 “Creator’s Market.”   真的是一個完美的星期天, 吃了一頓美味的午餐, 然後悠閒了逛了繽紛的日本影刷品, 筆記本還有手工紙。


My most recent visit was mainly so I could browse through the Creator’s Market, which showcases the handiwork of several Japanese artists, including kata kata, Chappo,  Modern Classics, to name a few.  There were also two workshops for silk screening and stamping.  You could also get a custom notebook or tote bag handprinted, by artists from Japan.

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Field Trip: Savour Cafe

Information:  Xin Yi Road, Section 4, Number 115-2 | 台北市信義路四段115-2號 Tel: (02) 2701 2498| Hours: 11:30am-10pm

Recently, I stumbled upon this lovely cafe amidst the busy streets of Taipei. It’s located on a busy street corner, and it’s easy to miss because there is only a tiny discreet sign on the side of the building and on the front door.


Savour Cafe is the size and shape of a shoebox, but I think that just adds to the coziness factor. The full length windows let in a lot of natural light, and the interior decor is simple, yet full of interesting details.

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Hello Hong Kong! LOG-ON, Midori Traveler’s Notebook Hong Kong Tramways Edition and Simply Life

Information: Simply Life  Shop A,C&D, G/F, 13-15 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong |銅鑼灣Fashion Walk加寧街13-15號地下A,C&D舖 | Log-On Fashion Walk, Level 1 Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

When I was in Hong Kong, I made time to visit the Log-On Store to see the「Traveler’s notebook and Hong Kong Tramways」special edition. The Log-On store that carries this line is located in the Fashion Walk shopping complex, in Causeway Bay. (I went to the other Log On Store in Kowloon Tong, and they did not have them there)


In case you are wondering, Log-On is a branch of City Super, which is a chain of grocery stores that sells a combination of local and imported products. I think the City Super chain originated in Hong Kong, and now there are several branches in Taiwan too.  In Hong Kong, Log-On houses all the lifestyle, homeware and stationery products and is in a completely separate section from the groceries. In Taipei, there is some stationery in the City Super Stores, but the layout is not very user friendly. It’s sort of squished in the same section as the sweets and personal care products.  While it’s convenient enough to do some impulse shopping, while you are popping in to buy milk or something, I think it would be better to have  a separate section just for stationery and lifestyle products.

Back to the Log-On store in Fashion Walk, which was really very pleasant to shop in. The layout of the store is clear, and there is plenty of space for you to browse. Naturally, the first thing to catch my eye was the washi tape display.


The Traveler’s notebook and Hong Kong Tramways special edition display is located a little further into the store.


I seriously wish it was my job to design these bulletin boards. Love everything on this board, and the way it was laid out. So many fun details.

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Field Trip: A Gift from Taiwan~spending the afternoon at Cha Cha Thé ~ 采采食茶的下午茶時光

My cousin and cousin in-law were in Taiwan for the Chinese New Year holidays a few weeks ago. Since they spend most of their time overseas, I wanted to take them somewhere special for afternoon tea.  The first place that popped into my mind was Cha Cha Thé, a gorgeous modern-day tea house with lovely decor and teas.

I arrived a few minutes early, and had a chance to really soak in the decor and atmosphere. The luxuriously spacious interior consists of mostly subdued earth tones, combined with soft music, the atmosphere was serene and tranquil. You could easily spend pleasant swathes of time here, either in quiet conversation, or just reading on your own.


One of the focal points of this room was that there was an entire wall constructed out of bricks of tea. It didn’t smell as fragrant as I imagined it would (yes! I took a quick sniff when I thought no one was looking… Good thing the wall wasn’t made out of chocolate bricks or I would have been seriously tempted to take a bite).


I have to mention that the staff at Cha Cha Thé are super nice.  They seated me right away, even though I was early and my party at not yet arrived. She also poured me a full glass of water and waited I was sitting comfortably in my chair before placing the menu in front of me. The menu was also beautifully presented~ with a pretty cover and heavy card stock pages and clearly written in both English and Chinese.  There is a selection of teas listed on the menu are: Pekoe Green Tea, Shihchao Jinshuan, Lightly Roasted Oolong, Beipu Oriental Beauty, Dream of Fruit, Roast Tieguanyin, Darjeeling Black Tea, and the option for iced tea is Exquisite Alishan Oolong.


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Field Trip: Royal Copenhagen Cafe, Taipei~皇家哥本哈根咖啡輕食複合店

Information: Zhongxiao Sogo Department Store(the one with the clocks in the front) 4th Floor, Zhongxiao East Road, Section 4, No. 45, 4th Floor, Taipei City. 忠孝SOGO 4F 台北市忠孝東路四段45號4樓

Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, not because I’ve had blogger burnout, but because of poor time management. Time management is on the top of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015, alongside with “do more of what I love,” so blogging about food, desserts and kitchenware will all be a big part of my life this year. One of my favorite places of 2014 was the Royal Copenhagen Cafe here in Taipei.


I’ve been there a few times before, and find myself going back every once in awhile for one main purpose.  To ogle the dishes. That’s not to say the food isn’t good (some of it is!) but the dishes are  truly the leading stars of this show.  (For brevity, I’m going to condense about 3-4 visits into this post)


不好意思讓大家久等了, 我回來了! 抱歉, 最近事情實在太多了, 所以時間管理大亂。 但剛忙完一波 應該會比較有時間寫文章了。在2014 年的時候, 我發現了皇家哥本哈根咖啡輕食複合店~一直沒機會跟大家分享!

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Product Discovery: Yong Le Fabric Market Part 3~ The Ribbon Roundup!

The upcoming holiday season has reminded me of my love of ribbons. Ribbons have always been a weakness of mine. I have a habit of saving every pretty ribbon that comes my way, and I can never resist a pretty ribbon on sale.  There are quite a few places to shop for ribbon in Taipei; you can buy them in bookstores, such as Eslite (the Xinyi and Songyan branches both have nicely curated selections) and of course you can buy them at VVG Chiffon. However, ultimately, the place where you will be most spoiled for selection is in the Yong-Le Market area.

For this post, I’m going to introduce three of my favorite shops, where I buy most of my ribbon. They are all located within minutes of the Yong-Le Market building.  (It’s hard for me to give directions, but I’ll include either the shop sign, or the business card, which you can use as a point of reference) I’ll also include a “best finds” explanation for each store, so it’s easier to narrow down your shopping choices. (in case want a more focused shopping experience)

Just a quite FYI before I begin: Most of these stores only accept cash, so make sure you have plenty on hand before you arrive. Based on personal experience, I try to have a handful of small bills and change, which makes the buying process a whole lot smoother.

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