Product Discovery and Review: Fruit Pay~ My Weekly Fruit Subscription Box 果物配心得

I decided this season is all about making healthier choices.  I re-joined my gym, after a year’s lapse, and I also started subscribing to a weekly fruit delivery service.  I always thought I was one of those people who always bought fruit on a regular basis, but in reality that habit falls to the wayside when work gets busy.

In Taipei, people buy usually buy fruit in three ways: at the traditional market, where fruit is sold by the kilogram, or at the supermarket, where fruit is prepackaged and priced, or at convenience stores, where fruit is sold pre-cut, in plastic containers. In an ideal world, I would like to tell you that I buy fruit at the fruit stands, but in reality they are long closed  for the day by the time I get off from work.  I’m usually stuck with the latter two options. Then, I find myself buying the same fruits over and over again, week after week.  So when my friend Peggy started using the fruit subscription service Fruit Pay, I decided to try it too.

I’ll first go over the ordering process, then I’ll show you the fruit that I’ve received so far. Then, I’ll tell you which ones were my favorites, and which ones I didn’t end up liking.  Lastly, I’ll make some comments about what I think about the services provided.


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