Field Trip: Xiao Qi’s Creator’s Market 小器生活空間華山店 手紙社 Creator’s Market

I’ve been a huge fan of Xiaoqi after my first visit to their Chifeng Store.  Several favorite items in my home are from there, and at first I was sad that their store in Eslite, Xinyi closed down, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they had opened up shop in the Huashan Creative Park.

大家都知道我是 “小器” 的忠厚粉絲。 家裡很多喜歡的生活道具都是這裏慢慢的選的。 本來覺得好傷心信義誠品的分店搬走了~ 但很開心的發覺小器辦到 華山藝文中心了。 我覺得這個地點真的很適合她們。 場地寬敞, 隔壁也可以有小器食堂! 我這次是特別來逛手紙社的 “Creator’s Market.”   真的是一個完美的星期天, 吃了一頓美味的午餐, 然後悠閒了逛了繽紛的日本影刷品, 筆記本還有手工紙。


My most recent visit was mainly so I could browse through the Creator’s Market, which showcases the handiwork of several Japanese artists, including kata kata, Chappo,  Modern Classics, to name a few.  There were also two workshops for silk screening and stamping.  You could also get a custom notebook or tote bag handprinted, by artists from Japan.

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