Field Trip: Taipei Exhibition Browsing Tips (Taipei International Bakery Show and Taipei) International Book Expo) 逛台北烘培展覽 & 國際書展心得

This season, I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone and try more new experiences.  One thing that absolutely terrifies me, strangely enough, since I live in one of the most densely populated countries in the world, is crowds.  Crowds are such a big part of life here, that it’s kind of like a fish being afraid of waves, or birds being afraid of clouds.  So one way to conquer my fear, is to combine it with something that I love, that way I will be motivated to go to the actual event, have something to focus on, and hopefully learn something in the process.  The two recent activities I’ve chosen are to go to the annual bakery (Taipei International Bakery Show, TIBS) and and the international book expos (Taipei International Book Expo, TIBE).  The events are held in the Nangang Exhibition Center Building, or in the World Trade Center events hall.  They are humongous events and hundreds of people attend each day.  What I will do in this post is share with you my personal tips and tricks for navigating these large-scale events.  As you may remember, Chinese is really my second language, so I always get a little nervous when I go to these events, because I’m not sure what to expect.  Hopefully this post will be helpful if you decide that you want to attend similar events in the future.

Before you attend the exhibition, I would advise you hop onto the events website ( to get a copy of the events map.  This map will give you the list of vendors that will be exhibiting, and will also tell you the location of each booth.  You can mark the vendors that you want to see beforehand on the map, and make sure you get to those while you are attending the expo.

Most of these events that are open to the general public charge an admissions fee.  Usually, you just buy tickets at the door.  If it’s a popular event, I would advise getting to the grounds 30-45 minutes early, so you can get in line for tickets.  I also learned this time to check the exhibition’s website, and see if there are any discounts on admissions available.

For the 2016 Taipei International Bakery Show, there was a $100 NTD off the general admission price of $200 NTD (50% off!) if you downloaded the coupon and showed it at the ticket counter (I just saved the image onto my phone and it was fine!)

台北國際烘培設計展~真的是人擠人。 但如果心臟夠強 耐心夠多可以挖到寶喔!

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