Field Trip: Maison Kayser (微風南京店)

It seems like the pace of life always picks up in September.  Work starts getting busier.  I also feel so much more energetic when the weather (finally!) starts cooling down a bit.  I discovered Maison Kayser during one of my many trips to IKEA these past few weeks.  I originally thought I would grab a quick bite at the cafe downstairs, but it seemed like all of Taipei wanted to have Swedish meatballs the too! So I decided to find a more quiet and serene place to sit down and relax for a bit.  Maison Kayser is located on the first floor the re-modeled Breeze Nanjing Branch. The interior is bright and fresh, and the menu is pages of tempting drinks and light French fare. I ordered a vanilla latte and a quiche.


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