Heritage Bakery & Cafe Pop-up Shop in Mitsukoshi A4, B2 (until October 31, 2018)

Information: Heritage Bakery and Cafe Pop Up Shop, Xinyi Mistukoshi  Department Store, B2 level.

Heritage Bakery and Cafe: Hankou Street, Section 1, No. 73-2, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District| Phone: 02 2311 1079| Website: |台北市中正區漢口街一段73號之2

Today, I interrupt all regularly scheduled programming to bring you the important news that Heritage Bakery has a pop up shop!  I’ve written about Heritage previously. Their dreamy pink guava chiffon cake constantly pops up in my daydreams… The great news is that until October 31st, you can find some of their classics right in their pop up shop, in the A4 building, B2 level of Mitsubishi department store.

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Field Trip: L’idiot Restaurant 驢子餐廳 (華泰王子大飯店)

L’idiot Restaurant| Address: 369, LinSen North Road, Taipei 104 | Phone: 0903-393-098 (reservations recommended) |台北市林森北路369號 華泰王子大飯店1F

L’idiot has been on my list of restaurants to try, after watching the movie My Egg Boy (see the trailer here).  Trust me, watch the movie and you will understand why. Just fast forward through all the parts about the figurative eggs, and focus on the fabulous produce and cooking… and the person that does the cooking.  Currently the restaurant has moved from the original location in Ming Sheng community, to the first floor of the Gloria Prince Hotel, in Zhongshan District. Continue reading

Late Night Cooking Series Part 4: Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Frosting and Sprinkles~深夜食堂第四話:巧克力蛋糕+ 巧克力糖霜

Usually, when I think of chocolate cake, I think happy thoughts. If there is frosting on the cake, then I usually think of celebrations.  If there are sprinkles, then the happiness and celebration factor is through the roof.  But, for the first time in my life last week, I baked a chocolate cake complete with frosting and sprinkles, in the spirit of “Shake it Off” and “Let it Go.” Lately, there are some things that are going on that are just beyond my control and baking this cake was the perfect way to keep my brain from overdrive and endlessly worrying about things that I can’t fix.  It also kept my hands busy, which prevents me from shooting off emails or messages that I would probably regret later.  I must apologize for the lack of photos from the cake baking process. The lighting was especially abysmal, and it just seemed that every angle was a little bit off.  But the process was very calming. This recipe, originally from Smitten Kitchen is easy to follow and there aren’t any fancy steps or ingredients. Perfect for the sort of  mindset I was after, if that makes any sense.

By the time I had finished baking the cake, it was already 11:30 pm, and I didn’t have the energy to make the frosting or find the sprinkles.  So I just left the cake to cool and went to bed. The next morning, I searched for a buttercream recipe while drinking my coffee. By then, I was in a much better mood and the frosting worked out exactly the way I imagined it would.


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