Field Trip: Mia Cucina (Taipei, Xinyi District)

Recently, I was a bit early for a lunch date, so I had some time to really read (and enjoy!) the menu at Mia Cucnina.   I  was pleasantly surprised see how detailed their salad menu was.  Usually salads are a hit or miss in Taiwanese restaurants.  One of my favorite salads to date is the roasted pumpkin salad at Les Bebes, and I’ve tried to replicate it several times on my own, with varying degrees of success.

The menu at Mia Cucina carefully lists each ingredient, and the different salad dressings or sauces.  After reading the descriptions, I’m tempted to try some of the combinations on my own.  I also was curious about their balsamic glaze, which is something I’ve never made before.


I decided to order their grilled vegetable salad, and save room for some of their very tempting homemade desserts.

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