Hello Tokyo 2017: Nezu Museum and Cafe 根津美術館

Information: Nezu Museum |Address: 6-5-1 Minami-Ayoma Minato-Ku, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan|Website: http://www.nezu-muse.or.jp/en/index.html  |Subway: Omotesandō station of the Ginza, Hanzōmon and Chiyoda lines: 8-minute walk from Exit A5 (stairs only), 10-minute walk from Exit B4 (escalator available), or 10-minute walk from Exit B3 (elevator and escalator available).  |Opening Hours: 10:00am-5pm, closed Mondays.


On my second day in Tokyo, I went to Nezu Museum, based on my friend Peter’s recommendation.  Nezu Museum is located in the Aoyoma (青山) neighborhood, in the northwest part of Minato-ward.  The museum houses approximately 4000 pre-modern Japanese and East Asian works of art, including paintings, calligraphy, ceramics, and textiles.  There is also a cafe, and a garden on the grounds of the museum.

Whenever I’m traveling, I get a little nervous about finding things. I have the worst sense of direction, ever, and there does not seem to be a remedy in sight.  Whenever possible, I like really precise information about subway exits and landmarks.  So I’ll try to include these types of directions in all my posts, so maybe you can find your way more easily!

The closest subway station to Nezu Museum is Omotesandō station of the Ginza, Hanzōmon and Chiyoda lines. The museum is about an 8 minute walk from Exit A5. Please note that there are quite a few stairs to come up on, but once you emerge from the station, you will see this sign:


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