Field Trip: Daylight 光合箱子 Brunch

Daylight光合箱子 (Dongmen Branch)| Address:  Chaozhou Street, No. 93, Taipei, Da-An District|Phone: 02-2322570| Hours: 9:00-18:00 | Daylight光合箱子 (Huashan Branch) Huashan Creative Park, Bade Road, Section 1, Number 1 |Phone:地址:台北市大安區潮州街93號|電話:02-23225703 |營業時間:9:00am to 6:00 pm|Daylight 光合箱子 (華山店) 地址:電話:營業時間:10:00 am ~ 09:00 pm

If this endless heat is wilting your appetite, I highly suggest paying a visit to Daylight 光合箱子~ a restaurant that specializes in enormous servings of fresh vegetables, freshly made bread and homemade yogurt.   For my first visit, I tried their salmon scrambled eggs, over freshly baked bread.  The plate arrived accompanied by the trademark generous serving of salad and roasted vegetables,  and a small serving of  handmade yogurt.

最近天氣真的開始熱了。 一到了這個季節 我就想過悠閒的日子~例如睡到自然醒, 然後再跟朋友們去吃早午餐。 最近發現了 Daylight 光合箱子 的 brunch~ 吃了兩次後, 非常推薦給大家。 喜歡他們超大份量的蔬菜 & 手工優格。

The entire plate was delicious. However, the star of the show was their handmade yogurt, which was creamy, with just a hint of tanginess, topped with brown sugar and assorted nuts and seeds.  This brunch kept me full, yet energized for almost the entire day~ from about 11:00 pm to 6:30 pm, through two meetings! Usually by the end of one of those meetings, I start craving sweets and coffee, but this time, I just sat calmly (and a bit smugly) in my chair, while the others ran out during the break to get their fix.

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Happy Dragon Boat Festival! 端午節快樂!

It’s a long weekend in Taiwan this Monday~ we are celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival~ and in addition to all the relaxing, I will be doing some small projects around the house.  This holiday officially marks the beginning of summer, so I will probably be cleaning out my closets and switching seasons and taking winter sweaters and coats down to the dry cleaners.  My attempts at Marie Kondo types of cleaning have failed epically so far, but I’m going to give it another go this weekend.  Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

端午節快樂! 終於有假可以放啦。 這個假期我打算z整理家裡~ 衣服也要換季了。 當然也會好好的休息一下。 大家下禮拜再見喔!

Original image source: BBC

Field Trip: Jane Doe’s Kitchen 新莊區的 無名女孩廚房 

Most days at the office, I just have time to gulp down a (lukewarm) bento before heading back to work.  However, one lucky day, I came to the realization that I was a tiny bit ahead of schedule, and I actually had time for a real lunch. Like one that involved non-disposable silverware.  So my assistant and I decided to pop into Jane Doe’ Kitchen for a bite and chat.  The interior of the cafe is simple, yet inviting.  Make sure to check the blackboard for the specials of the day.


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Field Trip: Mandarin Oriental Bencotto Italian Restaurant 台北文華東方酒店 Bencotto義大利餐廳

A few months ago, I had the chance to have lunch at a place I had only admired from afar; the Mandarin Oriental.   This place looked special, and I had always reserved it in the back of my mind for a celebration.  I was really looking forward to this meal, but it turned out I was sorely disappointed by the experience.

First, you will come upon this imposing door. Don’t try to enter through this door. It’s locked!


Instead, you have to go around to one of the side doors.  Then be prepared to wander around aimlessly until you find an elevator that goes up to the correct floor.  However, during my search, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the interiors of the Mandarin Oriental are stately and elegant.


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Field Trip: Quel Ques Patisseries 大安區的 某某甜點

After several weeks of travel posts, I feel like I’m ready to come back to reality and tell you more about desserts that can be found in Taipei.  I keep mentioning this, but since I see no sign of improvement, I think I will have to keep going on about it–I am, probably the most directionally challenged person in the world. One day, I will learn how to use Google Maps, but until then, I mostly just rely on landmarks and wild guesses. This is a bit challenging in Taipei, which I’m sure has one of the most complicated alleyway systems in the world. Of course, this doesn’t stop me from going on wild goose chases whenever I have time. Especially if the end of the chase involves the promise of desserts. My latest chase was in search of QuelQues Patisseries (某某甜點) After about 15 minutes of aimlessly wandering the small side streets, I finally found it!


QuelQues is located in a residential neighborhood. The most straightforward way is to come out of Xinyi Anhe MRT station, Exit 2, walk across the street, towards the red brick building, and turn left when you see the sign for Mentor Hair.


During my visit on a weekday afternoon, QuelQues was filled to the brim. There was a wait to order takeaway pastries, there was a wait to eat in. (This photo was taken right before I left, around 4:30, and the both the crowd and pastry case had thinned considerably by then).


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Top 5 Buys from my Tokyo 2017 Trip (and Packing Tips)

In the past few weeks, I’ve had the chance to really road test everything that I brought back from my trip. For this post, I chose five of my favorite products: 1) a hairdryer by Panasonic, 2) Hand mixer by Muji, 3) Kanebo’s Suisai Beauty Clear Powder, 4) Coffee mugs by the Traveler’s Factory and Blue Bottle Coffee, and lastly, 5) assorted clothing items by Journal Standard.  I Towards the end of the post, I’ll answer the question probably burning on everyone’s mind (ha!)… how did I get it all home?

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Choosing omiyage at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan

One of the last things that I always do before leaving Tokyo is to buy omiyage (souvenirs) at the airport. In this post, I thought I would describe some of the omiyage at Haneda Airport, so you can have some more information about what is inside some of those pretty boxes.  During my first trip to Tokyo, I had no idea what to buy at the airport.  I saw people buying lots and lots of colorfully wrapped boxes, but I wasn’t sure what was in them.  I think I ended up buying a box of Tokyo Bananas and some matcha flavored Kit-Kats before hopping on my flight.

During the following years after my first trip to Tokyo, I have been lucky to be on the receiving end of omiyage~ and now I have a much better idea of what to bring back for family, friends and colleagues. Here are the items I brought back this trip, from Haneda Airport:


In this post, I’ll go over the way that the box is wrapped, and some of the main ingredients, and of course,  most importantly what the treats look like and taste like.

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