Monthly Roundup for August 2017

This August just swooshed by. I finished traipsing around all the nooks and crannies of Taipei for work, wrapped up a major project and am going to enjoy a one week staycation… starting now! This is the first summer in two years that I am not changing jobs, traveling for work, traveling for pleasure, or moving.  I thought I would miss the flurry of activity, especially the traveling, but it turns out I am really relishing the feeling of staying put…and staying put means I can indulge in my two favorite activities~ reading and putting things in order.  一轉眼八月也快過去了。這個月我看了好幾本好書,整理了一下家裡的小角落, 悠閒的在家裡吃了好幾次晚餐,還有幫弟弟慶生。提到慶生~我很愛送禮物,尤其是生日禮物。 但有時候真的不知道送什麼。 今年我們兩個終於想出一個很棒的方式:直接跟對方說想要什麼~ 另外一位就負債達成願望就好了。這個方式, 讓送禮物, 收禮物的人都很happy!  八月剩下的幾天, 我要讓自己放一個小假好好充電,準備好迎接忙碌的九月。

  1. Eslite is having a great summer sales program.  I bought four books, and traded in some of my Eslite points for a some artwork by Japanese artist Noritake.  I love the simple drawing, and of course the message. I’m framing it and hanging it up in my office.

2.  I’ve read three of the books so far (Wonder, Big Little Lies, and Everything I Never Told You) and now I’m reading “Goodbye Things.”  I was drawn to the title because I’m trying to adopt a simpler lifestyle.  Some guidelines I’m trying to live by are, buying less, buying better. No hoarding. One rainy afternoon, I tackled the easiest part, my beauty supplies. I gathered all the items I have squirreled away in various corners of my apartment, and put them all into one drawer.  Now that everything is one place, I can see what I have left before buying something new.  I’m also keeping my empties this year, and trying to gauge how long it actually takes me to finish a product.  Simplifying is a work in progress for me. It’s my inclination to have backups of everything, in case of… [insert possible disaster here] so trying to change this habit is a little unnerving. But I’m going to keep at it.  Next, I’ll be taking on the two areas where the hoarding is the most severe: kitchenware and stationery. Stay tuned for updates.

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Monthly Roundup for July 2017

In the midst of one of the hottest summers on record, here is a list of five things that I’ve enjoyed using, watching, reading and eating this month (I’ve also been spending a bit too much time  dreaming about moving into a glass igloo in Finland (have you seen these?!)

1. I recently discovered Blackwing Pencils, a classic stationery item (favored by John Steinbeck and Truman Capote) One of the most useful features on this pencil is the replaceable eraser, which is held in place by a tiny clip. The eraser is flat like a piece of Chiclet gum, this design helps it from rolling around on your desk surface.  I also love their slogan: Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed. This most likely refers the buttery smoothness of the pencil lead, but I also like to think of it something applicable to life~ wouldn’t it be more effective if I could complete tasks with half the pressure and twice the speed?  Sometimes it’s not even the quantity of difficulty of the tasks, but the related mental and emotional baggage that stymies my progress.

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Monthly Roundup for June 2017

I thought it would be fun to start a new series on the blog, detailing 5 things that I’ve been enjoying, using and reading this month.  Some bloggers do this on a weekly basis, but I think I will start with a monthly list and go forward from there.   Summer is in full swing here in Taiwan, and in June, I’ve enjoyed summer fruit and have been trying to get into some more healthful life habits.  時間真的過的很快, 忙著忙著 突然意識到,已經快七月了! 從這個月起, 我想開始一個新單元, 紀錄我這個月以來的生活點滴。

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