Heritage Bakery & Cafe Pop-up Shop in Mitsukoshi A4, B2 (until October 31, 2018)

Information: Heritage Bakery and Cafe Pop Up Shop, Xinyi Mistukoshi  Department Store, B2 level.

Heritage Bakery and Cafe: Hankou Street, Section 1, No. 73-2, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District| Phone: 02 2311 1079| Website: |台北市中正區漢口街一段73號之2

Today, I interrupt all regularly scheduled programming to bring you the important news that Heritage Bakery has a pop up shop!  I’ve written about Heritage previously. Their dreamy pink guava chiffon cake constantly pops up in my daydreams… The great news is that until October 31st, you can find some of their classics right in their pop up shop, in the A4 building, B2 level of Mitsubishi department store.

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Field Trip: Paper & Tea 柏林選茶

Information: Paper & Tea| Address: Zhongshan North Road, Section 2, Alley 36, No. 18, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan| Phone:  02 2523 9860| Hours: 11:00am-9:00 pm| MRT Station: Zhongshan, Red or Green Line| 中山區中山北路二段3618

One of my favorite places in Taipei is the Zhongshan (中山)area.  It’s not as crowded as some areas in Taipei, and there is always something new to discover in the many lanes and alleyways off the main road.  The time, we visited Paper & Tea, which is a combination eatery and homewares shop.

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Hello Hong Kong! Star Street Precinct, Monocle Shop, King-Tak Hong Porcelain Co., Wanchai (星街小區)

Information: Star Street Precinct, MTR Admiralty Station Exit F, follow the subway signs to the Three Pacific Place Link, which leads directly to the Star Street Precinct.

After my professional development workshop,I had just a little bit of time in Hong Kong for a short holiday.  Unlike previous visits, where I had detailed lists of places to go, sites to see, and desserts to try, this time, I decided to take it easy, and just schedule a short trip to see the “Star Street” area in Wanchai. Hong Kong Electric’s power plant used to be located nearby, but now it is home to a selection of eclectic shops, chic restaurants, and the Monocle shop.

The Star Street precinct is easily accessible by MTR.  Take the blue line and get off at Admiralty Station, and find Exit F.

It’s a pleasant walk in the Three Pacific Link. ( PS- If you need to stock up on snacks, the Admiralty MTR stop has a Marks and Spencer’s shop, a 7-11 convenience store and a Pret a Manger.  It’s definitely one of the better equipped MTR stations)

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Hello Hong Kong! Tap Mun (Grass Island) New Territories, Hong Kong 香港塔門一日遊

As I mentioned last week, I was in Hong Kong during the first part of August for some professional development workshops.  At the end of the workshop, the coordinators arranged for us to take a field trip out to Tap Mun (also known as Grass Island). Tap Mun (塔門) is located in the northeastern part of Hong Kong territory.  It’s an island that is 1.69 km in size, and consists of gentle rolling hills and grasslands.  The island is only accessible by ferry, and the workshop organizers were kind enough to charter one for our large group (of around 100 people or so).

We arrived at Tap Mun and one of our first sights was of the port, and some small fishing boats.

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Hello Melbourne! Field Trip: Top Paddock

Information: Top Paddock| Address: 658 Church St, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia| Phone:03 9429 4332| Email: info@thetoppaddock.com| Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am – 4pm Weekends: 8am -4pm (Kitchen closes at 3 pm everyday) |Reservations can be made Monday-Friday

During this trip, I learned that one of my friends can only eat savory foods for every single meal.  Luckily for me, I have no such qualms or limitations, otherwise I would have truly missed out on something spectacular: Top Paddock’s ricotta hotcake.


When walking into Top Paddock, you are greeted with a large, bright airy space, filled to the skylights with design inspiration.  We chose to sit at one of the large communal tables, so we could settle in comfortably for a leisurely brunch and conversation.


Luckily for us, the menu at Top Paddock has a colorful collection of both imaginnative sweet and savory entrees, made from ethically sourced farm-to-table ingredients. There are classic brunch options  such as Eggs Benedict, homemade sourdough toast and jam, and more inventive options, such as: Seasonal & Farmwall mushrooms, smoked pomme puree, kipfler potato crisps, truffle oil and poached egg, and white anchovies, Brussels sprouts, fried eggs, garlic and bone marrow butter on toast.


One of my favorite Melbourne restaurant customs is that they always ask you for your drink order first, and then leave you to read (and discuss!) the menu in leisure.

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Hello Melbourne!: Mörk Chocolate Brew House (and the best brownies, ever)

Information: Mörk Chocolate Brew House  150 Errol Street, North Melbourne| Phone: (03) 9328 1386| Hours:  Tuesday to Saturday 8am–5pm, Sunday, 9am–5pm |Website: morkchocolate.com.au

One of my top travel activities is researching local ingredients for favorite recipes.  So, in addition to our leisurely brunch at Auction Rooms, our day also included a stop in Mörk Chocolate Brew House, located nearby on Errol Street.   Mörk (which means “dark” in Swedish) is  best known for their ethically sourced hot chocolate in Melbourne.

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Field Trip: Hello Melbourne! Brunch at Auction Rooms, North Melbourne

Information: Auction Rooms Address: 103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051, Australia|  (03) 9326 7749| Monday-Friday, 7:00-5:00, Saturdays and Sundays 7:30-5:00

One of my favorite past times is brunch.  I love it, because I don’t have to wake up early and afterwards, I still have plenty of appetite for afternoon tea.  Luckily for me, I was absolutely spoiled for brunch choices in Melbourne, because there are so many different possibilities.  In the interest of time, Peter helped me narrow down my list with some of his favorite places.  One of his first recommendations was Auction Rooms, located in North Melbourne.

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Field Trip: Heritage Bakery and Cafe

Information: Heritage Bakery and Cafe: Hankou Street, Section 1, No. 73-2, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District| Phone: 02 2311 1079| Website: |台北市中正區漢口街一段73號之2

I grew up in the U.S., and I will always have nostalgia for some of their more hearty desserts, such as carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, and cake with thick buttercream frosting.  In the past, when cravings struck, I usually had to roll up my sleeves and make these desserts myself.  However, this has all changed  upon my discovery of Fika Fika Cafe, and most recently, Heritage Bakery and Cafe. Both cafes serve carrot cake the way that it’s supposed to be~ sweet and cinnamon-y, with visible carrot shreds, and most importantly, topped by a generous swirl of cream cheese frosting.


Heritage Bakery Cafe is located near Taipei Main Station and Ximen Station. (If you are a camera enthusiast, you will be familiar with this area, because there there are several camera stores grouped in this neighborhood).


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