Monthly Roundup for June-July, 2019

Oops. I forgot to do a monthly roundup for June! So…this post will be a combination of June and July. I don’t know if it’s middle age (groan) or just because I have too much on my mind (it’s must be that) but lately, my mind has been like a sieve. Sometimes I take a peek back at the monthly roundups and can’t quite remember that it happened. Writing these posts are definitely a good exercise in reflection for me.

Something I want to always remember from this month, is that I received an extremely useful piece of advice: Focus on the smallest changes that make the biggest differences.

I’ve found so many ways to apply this advice across the spectrum of both work and life! One of the first small changes is I’ve put into motion is that I finally signed up for a Spotify account. Seriously, best thing, ever. Every day, I’m discovering old favorites, like this one from Air Supply, which I had totally forgotten about! Spotify puts together a Daily Mix, and the variety of music makes my commute fly by.  Also,  mundane life admin tasks like doing dishes and folding laundry is 100% better when you can dance around to some fun tunes.

Another small change is that finally bought a rice cooker. I forgot how efficient these are in comparison to cooking rice on the stove top. Just pop in rice and water and you can go off and do other things in the meantime. Since my latest purchase, I’ve been enjoying making sushi bowls, I’ve been experimenting with different blends of grains… as you can see, my latest experiment is with quinoa.

Mid-July, I took on a last minute project and it’s involved a lot of running around Taipei, in between extreme heat and flash rain storms. Last Friday, as I stood at the bus stop, starving and sweating, I happened to catch the heady fragrance of wild ginger lilies. (I love these flowers because they always remind me of walks with my grandmother).  I followed my nose, and found an old man selling them by the bunch at a makeshift stand.

I spent most of the weekend inside, enjoying the blissful scent of my ginger lilies, and the cool, stillness of my apartment. On days that I have to be out and about so much, I really appreciate the quiet moments I can spend at home. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how small changes here and there can have such positive effects on my everyday life. Have you made any small changes with big impacts recently?




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