Monthly Roundup: February 2019

Hello, hello! I’m back! The recent months have really tested my professional and emotional limits~ I’m not quite sure if I’ve fully recovered yet, but I’m hoping by returning to doing the things that I love, I will slowly regain my equilibrium. One of the big projects was a trip to the U.S.  I was lucky to have a day in one of my favorite cities~ where I bought four pairs of shoes to relieve the stress from working so much.

Chinese New Year was in full swing by the time I arrived back home. I did some cleaning~ you know about my past attempts with various clutter reducing methods (documented here and here).  For me, tt’s very much a work in progress. According to this recent article in the Atlantic, about the early adopters of the Marie Kondo method, apparently, I am not alone in my struggles. This time, I tackled some truly befuddling items, such as this notebook that I use to keep track of the beauty products that I’ve purchased.

After much thought, I’ve decided to let this notebook (and the habit) go, because I realized that I was accumulating a backlog of clutter of packaging waiting to be documented. In reality, I could easily just maintain a Pinterest page of the products.

Another confusing pile was this stack of receipts leftover from my previous trip to Japan.  I think I intended to scrapbook them, or something, but of course, I haven’t had the time. To be honest, if I haven’t had time to do it in the year or so that I’ve returned, I probably will never make the time to do it.

One of my friends mentioned that she had an epiphany during the Chinese New Year holiday, and ended up throwing out most of the items leftover from the past 20-30 years of her life. She only ended up keeping three meaningful photographs, which she looks at every day. I’m not sure if I’m quite at that stage yet, but I think I’m leaning in that direction.  That same weekend, I took out about 4 bags of recycling downstairs, filled with files, old notebooks and other papers.

I rewarded myself for my efforts with an iced tea and a bouquet of my favorite flowers…hopefully I’ve started a step in the right direction for this year. I’ll keep you posted!



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