Product Review: My solution for a cake emergency~ the very chocolate cake from Gakuden (家庭聚會少不了的樂天麵包屋生巧克力蛋糕)

My role for most, if not all family gatherings is to “bring dessert.”  In the past, on occasion, I would either bake a vanilla bundt cake,  or a honey cake. In more recent times, I would whip up a quick batch of blueberry and lemon friands.  I love baking for these occasions, and I love watching my family members enjoy my desserts.

However, when the mid-Autumn moon festival rolled around this year, I was knee high in paperwork and other sundries of life, and simply could not find a spare moment to bake.  I thought of staying up late the night before to whip up something quick, but I couldn’t quite muster up the motivation or energy to do even that.  In my fog of exhaustion, I suddenly remembered a delicious slice of chocolate cake that I purchased on impulse on my way home after a tedious work meeting.

The cake was from Gakuden, a Japanese style bakery.  Don’t be put off by the lackluster sample cake in the chill case.  The staff will bring you out a fresh one from the freezer in the back.  The cake is sold frozen, but defrosts in about a half hour. Which meant I could pick it up on my way to the gathering, and it would be perfectly ready to eat by the time we are ready for dessert.

The cake comes packaged in a gold cardboard box, and handily comes with a plastic knife. You can also request  paper plates and forks if you need them.

The cake serves 6-8 people, depending of course on how generous you want to slice it.  It’s a little difficult to see from the photo, but it’s one top layer of chocolate ganache, and then more ganache is sandwiched between  three layers of chocolate chiffon cake.  The cake is baked with Valrhona cocoa powder, and the ganache is made from cocoa beans from Madagascar. The overall flavor is delightfully bittersweet, with just enough sweetness.

I went to two family gatherings this past month, and I bought the same cake each time~ and it was a hit.  My family members range between die-hard chocoholics, or “I don’t eat desserts (I know).  But everyone was fighting for the last slice.

Gakuden has several branches in Taiwan.  Each bakery usually has a supply of these frozen in the back of the shop, so I’ve never had to call ahead and reserve one.  But it may be a good idea to do so, if you are really counting on bringing this cake to a special occasion.  You can also order the cake online here. 

When life gets a little crazy, it’s reassuring to know that there is a back-up plan. And when faced with the option of no dessert, or buying dessert, I definitely recommend popping into Gakuden for this cake~ everyone will  enjoy it and compliment you for your good taste (literally).


This was not a sponsored post. I paid for all items, and all experiences and viewpoints expressed are my own.



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