Monthly Roundup for September 2018

The start of September was marked by torrential downpours~ afterwards, it seems like all of the city has been washed shiny and clean again. I think I appreciate the clear (and slightly) cooler nights even more after a few hours of lashing rain.


Recently, my brother got new a job in a different part of the country. Even though I miss hashing over the week over pizza or teppanyaki, I’m happy that he has this new opportunity, and I hope that this is a job that will give him a chance to exercise his creativity to the fullest extent. This is a photo from one of our last weekly “sibling dinners” for awhile. (Please take note that he let me have the bigger ice cream 😀 ).

I had a difficult moment at work last week~ it’s in moments like I try remember tips like this .  Of course, playing this song on repeat also helps to clear the clutter and negativity out of my mind.


September is the time of year for new school supplies, but before I did any shopping this season, I decided to give my stationery drawer(s) a clear out first.  It feels quite satisfying to throw out dried out pens and markers, and to move old favorites to the front of the drawer.

I’ve found the the IKEA Helmer drawer unit is one of the most hardworking storage pieces I have in my home… would you be interested in seeing how I use it to organize all  some of my stationery?


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