Review: Visit Minuit, Taipei for your midnight dessert cravings 深夜裡的法國手工甜點

Information: Minuit| Address: Nanchang Road, Section 2, No. 207-1, Taipei, Zhongzheng District| MRT: Guting Station (Green line) Exit 2, 1 minute walk |台北市中正區南昌路二段207-1號(捷運古亭2號出口步行1分鐘)

One day, I noticed an intriguing ad on Facebook… something about a secret dessert place…where they only serve desserts at midnight?  I did a little sleuthing online, and found out it was quite a complicated process, involving lining up at midnight, in a dark office building, which to be honest, sounded a little creepy to me.  So I promptly forget about the idea.  However, a few months, later, I saw this video on their Facebook page, announcing the opening of their shop.  Curiosity got the best of me, and I knew I had to visit!


I was relieved to see that the shop now has a front door located on the first floor. The shop is open on Wednesdays from 2pm-7:00 pm, and from 4:00 pm to midnight on other days of the week.  It’s just a takeaway shop, so you pop in through one door, order the dessert that you would like, and rush home to eat it before the cream melts.

I ordered their seasonal peach custard tart.  At first, I was really shocked at the price…$520 for a dessert that is 10 centimeters big??  By the time I recovered from the sticker shop, the dessert was in the bag, and I thought, to heck with it, I deserve a treat!

I apologize in advance for the poor lighting of the following photos. I wanted to photograph (and eat…) the dessert as soon as I brought it home, which of course meant that it was already dark outside.  The lighting at my place is just so-so at night, which does not make for great photos.  But I digress! Let’s talk dessert.  The box is a simple, sturdy kraft box.


This square is a generous portion for two people, or a can be a daintier dessert for up to four people.


The first thing you notice when you open the box is the delicate smell of vanilla cream… and peaches.  The peaches are generously sliced… in fact, I think there is an entire peach on this one portion. It’s definitely not a delicate pastry, but is nevertheless indulgent, with the sweet juicy, perfectly ripe peaches, layered with the Chantilly cream, over a vanilla base.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find raspberries dotted throughout the crust.  Their sourness helped complement the sweetness of the peaches and cream.


Their brochure mentions that the peaches are grown in the mountains of Taiwan, and they use butter from France, and flour from Japan, which I think justifies the higher prices for the dessert.

Check out their website for a complete menu: All of the information is written in Chinese, but I’m sure you could drop by the store and they can help you find the dessert that your very heart desires.


Information: Minuit| Address: Nanchang Road, Section 2, No. 207-1, Taipei, Zhongzheng District| MRT: Guting Station (Green line) Exit 2, 1 minute walk |台北市中正區南昌路二段207-1號(捷運古亭2號出口步行1分鐘)

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