Field Trip: Eggs’ n Things, Taipei 台北微風松高店

Information: Eggs’n Things |Breeze Song Gao Branch, No. 16 Song Gao Road, 1F | 02-2725-101| MRT: Taipei City Hall, blue line

When I  first moved back to Taipei we really didn’t have that many choices for a brunch. Fast forward a decade, and we are now absolutely spoiled for choice, and some of my favorites are Sarabeth’s and Daylight.   One of the newest brunch places to add to my list is Egg’n Things. Eggs’n Things is conveniently located in the Breeze Department store, Song Gao branch.  It opened this past July and lines were out the door for about a month or so. The fervor seemed to calm by August, and there was just a short 2 minute wait for a table, around 1:00pm on a weekday.

Egg’n Things originated from Hawaii, and now has branches in Japan and Singapore.  After a quick glance at their websites, I think the menu in Taipei is modeled more after the Japanese version, rather than the American version.

One of the famous (and probably Instagram-worthy) menu items is their pancakes topped with an enormous tower of whipped cream. It was quite entertaining to see the stacks and stacks of these pancakes come out of the kitchen, and  to watch people try to take photos before the whipped cream tower melted and toppled.  You could hear little shrieks and groans from all corners of the restaurant… probably due to the collapse of a whipped cream tower. However, my friend Laura and I decided to order items that were more to our liking: she ordered a classic cheeseburger, and I decided to try the Eggs Benedict, with smoked salmon.

My Eggs Benedict were perfection, with perfectly poached eggs, topped with a mild hollandaise sauce, with just a hint of tang.

However, the true star of the entire meal were the home fries~ they were crisp on the outside, and velvety on the inside. Remarkably, they actually tasted like potatoes, and not of the oil they were fried in. Divine.  I think the memories of those home fries will be tempting me back for a second visit soon.


Information: Eggs’n Things |Breeze Song Gao Branch, No. 16 Song Gao Road, 1F | 02-2725-1011| MRT: Taipei City Hall, blue line.

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