Monthly Roundup for June & July 2018

Hello! I’m still here. Summer is in full swing here in Taiwan.  I’m trying to get some extra projects completed when things are marginally slower at work, so time has really just sped by…and honestly, I am exhausted and could use a change of scenery. Luckily for me, I leave for Hong Kong for a few days in August, and I’m hoping that it will be a refreshing break.  Here are some of the things that have been happening lately:

As always, mangoes are one of the best part of Taiwanese summers.  This year, I was lucky enough to be sent these luscious ones from a friend’s family farm.

The de-cluttering project continues… this is one of the cupboards that I use the most often in my teeny tiny, but well-used kitchen. I cleared away all the unused, half-used, never-will-be-used items and scrubbed out all the containers and the inside of the cupboard.  (I have 5 more of these cupboards to sort through)

I also continue to edit my beauty drawer(s).  In addition to organizing all my goodies, I also took a moment to admire these cute miniatures that my friends collect for me from all over the world.  Miniatures and travel size are one of my weaknesses. I can never resist anything in a tiny container.

Lastly, I am trying to cook more meals at home.  It’s funny. I used to do this all the time without thought. In the past year or so, the habit has fallen to the wayside, most likely due to poor time management.  I’m trying to find some easy dishes that I can throw together after work. Tomato and fried eggs, over rice is one of my favorite dishes. Theoretically, when cooked properly, it’s a combination of sweet and savory, and the eggs and tomatoes mingle together smoothly, like printed silk.  It’s a work in progress for me. Sometimes the eggs are too dry, sometimes the tomatoes haven’t been cooked enough. So my efforts continue.  Wish me luck!

I am trying to get more blog posts organized and written soon.  I’m sure I’ll be inspired by new sights and tastes in Hong Kong in August.  Meanwhile, I’m a bit more active on Instagram lately, so make sure to pop over there for a peek.


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