Monthly Roundup for April 2017

Spring is here.  It’s not my favorite season, because it means the long, humid days of summer will soon be here, and all my actions will be based on when, and where I have the most access to air conditioning. But, hopefully there are still a few days of cooler mornings and nights left to enjoy. April started off quite mildly with a public holiday, but then steamrolled ahead into a 11-12 hour work days.  Definitely no work and life balance this month, but I’m ever optimistic that I will do better in May.

  1. After a particularly trying, yet unproductive and extremely grouchy day of errands, I happened upon these beautiful hibiscus in full bloom.  I snapped a photo and sent it to a friend, and she said “wow, it’s amazing that with all that you have on your mind, you still have time to take photos!” I thought, why yes of course, I will always and forever have time to admire beauty.


2. Last year was the first year that I had a Costco membership of my very own,  and to be quite honest, when I got busy at work, I didn’t use it as much as I should have.  This year, I’ve decided to share a membership with my brother. We’ve now incorporated Costco shopping into a bi-weekly ritual, and have collected a few more tips and tricks to share.  I will share new tips in an upcoming post, but you can read my previous tips here.

3. In the beginning of April, my dear friend Peter came to Taipei on a whirlwind visit.  I can’t believe how much we did in 3 days.  We ate, we talked, we laughed, we shopped. I also got to take him to a few of my favorite places to eat in Taipei, one of them being this family-run restaurant in Yong-Kang street, called 豐盛食堂 , which serves up hearty, home-style dishes, made with fresh ingredients.  Even though I’ve been there multiple times, I still can never locate the restaurant on my first try.  While my sense of direction hasn’t improved, my Chinese reading skills have. I am pleased to report that I can read over 90% of the menu now! Everyone at this restaurant is friendly and outgoing, and they make the entire dining experience feel warm and homey. If my place was big enough, and I could cook proper Chinese food, this is the kind of food I imagine I would be serving all my friends and family.

4. A visit to Taipei wouldn’t be complete without dessert, so we also stopped by for dessert at one of my favorite places, Chantez.  Unfortunately, one of the wait staff tipped half an iced coffee into my handbag, so the first part of our visit was spent frantically wiping up coffee off of my wallet, and everything else in my handbag.  Luckily, the desserts were good enough to make up for it.

5. The arrival of spring also means cleaning and putting away all my winter clothes and accessories. This year, I’ll be doing this incrementally, starting with the warmest items. I’ll try and separate each increment into a separate bin. Next season I can unpack them gradually and avoid bedlam.  Right now, the situation is so messy that I’m embarrassed to take a photo to show you. But I will keep you updated on my progress.


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