Habit Shifts: New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

Happy New Year! The past few weeks have been a blur. To keep myself grounded in the midst of everything, I jotted down a few goals for 2018.


  1. Travel more. (And not just for work) I have a trip to Melbourne, Australia coming up in a few weeks. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was able to go, as my original work plans fell through. But then my dear friend Peter reminded me, “Come anyway, you deserve a holiday.”  I haven’t been back in Melbourne in about 9 years~ I’m sure a lot has changed in the recent years, so I’m pretty excited. Not much planned, except for maximum relaxation. I might even leave my laptop at home (gasp).
  2. Make wise use of time. I’ve been using the LifeCycle App for the past few months and it’s made me more aware of where my time is going each day.  This year, I’d like to spend more time exercising.  I am currently trying to figure out the route to walk the four metro stops of my commute.  I plan to do this at least twice a week, either going, or coming home from work.
  3. Make (wiser) use of money. This is the year that I want to be more mindful of my spending habits. After Chinese New Year, I might try a shopping hiatus, and work up to stopping shopping for a year cold turkey. If you have been following along on my “Goodbye Things Challenge,” you know that I’ve been trying to pare down my belongings. I keep forgetting that a key part of this process is to stop buying to begin with…
  4. Read more! My brother encouraged me to sign up for an Audible account.   He finds it’s easier to use during commutes, because it’s much easier to listen than read on a crowded metro. I think I’ll sign up for a year, as a birthday present to myself.   I also have an amazing stack of books leftover from my summer reading list that I also want to enjoy over the Chinese New Year holidays.
  5. Be more creative.   Once upon a time, I used to use the evening hours to write, bake, craft, or just think. I’d like to get back into that routine (instead of coming home from work and lying down).

What are some goals that you have for 2018?


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