Yu Chocolatier 畬室 法式巧克力甜點

Information: Yu Chocolatier | Renai Road Section 4, Alley 112, Lane 3, No. 10, Da-An District, Taipei| Phone:02 -2701- 0792| 大安區仁愛路4段112巷3弄10號 (仁愛圓環台新大樓後方第一條巷子,近中山醫院)

I have a love/hate (to be honest, hate-hate) relationship with exercise. But of course it’s something that I must do, in order to be able to eat desserts and still maintain my health.  A friend of mine told me, “I work out every day just so I can eat my two pieces of chocolate.”  At first, I thought that was a high price to pay, but then I discovered chocolate that I would be willing to work that hard for.   And that chocolate would be the handmade,  artisinal chocolate from Yu Chocolatier.

Yu Chocolatier is a tiny, immaculate shop that seats just 8 people. Once you walk inside, you are greeted first by the heavenly smell of chocolate, then by very cheerful and friendly staff.

As the custom with many shops in Taipei, you are first seated and presented with a menu.  Choose your drink first, and then make your merry way up to the glass pastry class to select a dessert and chocolate.

The selection varies by day, but there is always a bountiful selection of beautifully made desserts, featuring chocolates of different intensities.  I chose one of their classic chocolate tarts and a piece of their handmade chocolate. Both were rich, decadent (and definitely worth running a couple extra laps)

I’m often asked to recommend a place for afternoon tea, or desserts in Taipei and I think Yu Chocolatier will definitely be on my list~ their desserts and chocolates are classic, but with an unique Taiwanese twist.  Just make sure to call ahead and make reservations so you can sit in the shop and savor both the delicious aroma and taste of the chocolate.


Information: Yu Chocolatier | Renai Road Section 4, Alley 112, Lane 3, No. 10, Da-An District, Taipei| Phone: 02-2701-0792|大安區仁愛路4段112巷3弄10號 (仁愛圓環台新大樓後方第一條巷子,近中山醫院)

(This was not a sponsored post.  I paid for all items consumed, and all experiences and experiences described are my own)

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