Monthly Roundup for October 2017

This month, we were fortunate to have two holidays~ one midweek for the Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon Festival (中秋節)and the other was a four day weekend, celebrating Taiwan’s birthday.  Since I am fantastically busy from now until the end of January, I made no major plans for either holiday, beyond having lunch with my family for the Mid-Harvest Moon Festival.  The rest of the time was spent catching up on sleep and work, and just some general stay-cation activities.

1) I discovered this tea place during one of my meetings. The admin assistant running the show had this fabulous, eye-catching icy and refreshing drink, while the rest of us sat around the table sipping cups of lukewarm tea.   Turns out, it was from the drink shop nearby, called Bao-Guo.  (I normally just pass right on by on my way to meetings, because I thought it was a bread shop). Coincidentally, I was in the neighborhood during the break, so I decided to try their iced grapefruit tea (regular ice, 50% sugar). I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s full of sliced grapefruit and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.


2) One new habit I’ve been trying out for the past few weeks is one Marie Kondo brought up in her book, The Life Changing Method of Tidying Up.  She mentions that everyday when she comes home, she empties out her entire handbag into a designated box.  She explains that this way, it’s easier to keep track of what you are carrying in your bag everyday, and you can be sure that you take out the items aren’t needed.  When I first read this, I glossed over it, thinking, I need the same things for work everyday, so there’s no need to keep track. Until the day I realized that I have 3 identical note pads.  Why? Because I couldn’t for the life of me find it, so I just kept buying it, thinking I had run out.  Guess where it was? That’s right. In my workbag.  All three of them, keeping each other company at the bottom of my bag, ready to form lifelong friendships with some stray receipts and an old movie ticket. Now, I empty my handbag as soon as I get home into the this wire basket that I had lying around, which coincidentally fits in everything that I carry with me on a daily basis.  I take a few minutes to throw away any stray bits and pieces, and make sure I have enough wet wipes and tissues, and everything is in good working order.

3) In addition to adopting the Marie Kondo methods that work well with my lifestyle, I mentioned earlier that I’m also doing the same for Fumio Sasaki’s methods, found in his book Goodbye Things.  A few weeks ago, I organized my beauty products, partially in anticipation for the upcoming anniversary sales. Having a very clear idea of what I have, really, really helped me avoid impulse and excess buying.  This time, I replaced a foundation and lipgloss that I used until the last drop, and my eye shadows.  The eyeshadows I currently have, I’ve been using for over 2 years, which I know now is too long.  The saleslady tried to convince me to reach a certain spend level, so I could get some free skincare and a cosmetics bag.  I was only a few dollars short, but I decided that I didn’t really need anything else.  How strong am I? :p (To be honest, I never, ever remember to use the trial sizes, and I never really like the style of the free cosmetic bags).

4) I’m also in the process of re-organizing and re-vamping my wardrobe.  In the spirit of Goodbye Things, I’ve gotten rid of so much. Well, “gotten rid of ” means I’ve taken them out of my closet and bagged them up. As of last month, there is a sizeable pile languishing in a corner of my apartment, waiting for me to either feel regret, or ready to let them go. For inspiration, I always turn to my trusty The Lucky Shopping Manual.  I remember when I was a student, I used to read this book standing up in a bookstore, until one day it was FINALLY on sale, and I bought it. Even though it was published in 2003,  I find that the Manual has timeless advice and is still relevant today.  The other book is a more recent acquisition.  I bought it because I loved the illustrations, and felt inspired by the author’s style.

5) Don’t worry, even though it may sound like it, I’m not throwing away everything. I think what I’m working towards is getting rid of the excess and focusing on the essentials. This month, I took some favorite tops to a tailor and had them altered for a better fit.  The white scrap you see here is from my favorite top of all time. I love it so much that I wish I bought two.  I’ve worn it countless times, and I feel happy every time I wear it.  I decided to have it shortened after two years of wear, to give it an update and refresh. You know you have a good top when a very meticulous and critical tailor tells you twice that it’s pretty and that it was a good buy.  I also took advantage of the anniversary sale and bought two pairs of jeans at 40% off.  Jeans are tricky. Sometimes I can’t find a pair that fits right no matter how much money I want to throw at the problem. This time, I was lucky to find this pair from Gap, and they fit perfectly. I love that they have just a tiny bit of stretch (only 1%!)  so hopefully they will retain their shape no matter how long my day is.

I am really hoping that we really get some autumn weather in November. (Although, you never know, last Christmas it was still pretty toasty). I always feel like I’m much more productive when there is a snap and chill in the air. Do you feel the same way?


(This is not a sponsored post. I paid for all items consumed with my own money. Please note that the links I provided here are for your reference, I do not receive payments if you buy from these links)

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