Monthly Roundup for June 2017

I thought it would be fun to start a new series on the blog, detailing 5 things that I’ve been enjoying, using and reading this month.  Some bloggers do this on a weekly basis, but I think I will start with a monthly list and go forward from there.   Summer is in full swing here in Taiwan, and in June, I’ve enjoyed summer fruit and have been trying to get into some more healthful life habits.  時間真的過的很快, 忙著忙著 突然意識到,已經快七月了! 從這個月起, 我想開始一個新單元, 紀錄我這個月以來的生活點滴。

  1. Summer fruit!

One of the best parts of the otherwise hot, humid and lengthy summer in Taiwan is the fruit. It’s the abundance of these riches that makes living in a tropical climate really feels worthwhile~ I’ve been spoiled for choice lately, and have been just loading up on pineapples, mangoes and lychees. I seriously believe that there is nothing more pleasant than sitting inside on a rainy day with a cup of tea and slowly making my way through a bowl of lychees. 住台灣最享受的事情就是夏季的水果了! 最近一直瘋狂的吃鳳梨 芒果還有荔枝。 覺得人生最大的樂趣就是下雨天能窩在家裡邊看電視, 邊慢慢剝荔枝。

2. Nightly read

The past month or so, I’ve broken my “no caffeine after 11:00am” rule countless times.  I’ve paid for this dearly, and am often being unable to sleep until about 2-3 am.  To try to solve this problem, I’ve started keeping this book, The Things You Can See When You Slow Down: How to Be Calm in a Busy World, by Haemin Sunim on my nightstand. This book covers several topics that always seems to march into my head late at night, and reading a few pages always helps me be able to drift off.前一陣子工作壓力很大 早上不停的喝咖啡 晚上當然就睡不著。約晚我就越焦慮!小時候, 我都是有睡前看書的習慣。 這幾年, 被 iPad 取代。 但我決定要改掉這個壞習慣。 以後還是跟以前一樣看書!  最近床邊桌放著這本:停下來 才能看見 (作者 : 慧敏法師 )

3. Homemade yogurt

You may remember that I learned how to make my own yogurt a little while back.  Homemade yogurt is such a game changer. The texture is creamier and smoother than the store-bought kind, and  of course, you can choose your favorite brand of milk to use, which to me makes a huge difference in flavor. (I never thought of using brown sugar as a topping until I tasted it at Daylight, and it’s a absolutely delicious. The brown sugar dissolves into a sweet, yet light syrup, and it tempers the tanginess of the yogurt beautifully). 最近迷上自己做的優格。 早上吃一大碗 (一定要加一點黑糖還有麥片)。

4. Lululun masks in Sunny Days and Clary Sage

To be honest, I was tempted to try these masks by Lululun because of the HUGE colorful ad I saw in the MRT station.  I love that this series is called The Power Mask~ and each mask represents a something positive, such as bright, fight, fresh, grace, and love. I’ve tried Sunny Day and Clary Sage so far, and I’ve found them to be really lovely to use.  My skin feels smoother, looks brighter, and the scents are light and refreshing.  I’ll be trying the Homeo Age and Fresh Red next. 最近搭捷運被這個牌子的面膜廣告息影了~ 買回來試試~ 感覺效果很好。 面膜有淡淡的香氣,非常有紓壓的效果。

5. Eslite Ideal Stationery Fair

I always look forward to exhibits by Eslite bookstore.  They do such a fantastic job with the organization and displays, and I always come away feeling inspired.  This time I treated myself to some new notebooks.  I may have mentioned this before, but I’m a lefty, and I found several notebooks that I want to test out. Come back next week for my review. 這個月, 剛好碰到文具展~ 我最愛看展了, 這次也買了一些新的文具~下週再跟大家分享細節喔!

This past month, has been a flurry of activity.  At work, I’ve wrapped up one big project that has taken about four months to complete.  I have just a week of breathing room before starting up the next one.  Next month, I want to be better about meal planning and exercise. Wish me luck! 🙂 接下來的七月, 我想努力的改善我的飲食規劃~還要多找時間去運動。你們七月有什麼規劃呢?


(Note: This is not a sponsored post.  I paid for all items shown here with my own money. All experiences and opinions expressed are my own)












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