Happy Dragon Boat Festival! 端午節快樂!

It’s a long weekend in Taiwan this Monday~ we are celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival~ and in addition to all the relaxing, I will be doing some small projects around the house.  This holiday officially marks the beginning of summer, so I will probably be cleaning out my closets and switching seasons and taking winter sweaters and coats down to the dry cleaners.  My attempts at Marie Kondo types of cleaning have failed epically so far, but I’m going to give it another go this weekend.  Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

端午節快樂! 終於有假可以放啦。 這個假期我打算z整理家裡~ 衣服也要換季了。 當然也會好好的休息一下。 大家下禮拜再見喔!

Original image source: BBC



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