Field Trip: Doublé L pâtisserie都伯列法式烘焙工作室

Doublé L pâtisserie is a small neighborhood shop located discretely near the glittering lights of Taipei 101.  The shop front is almost hidden from view from the sidewalk by a bank of leafy green plants. Inside, is a warmly lit, simply decorated, and a perfect spot to spend a rainy afternoon in.


Once you walk in, have a peek in the display case~  at Doublé L, you choose your dessert and drink, and pay at the counter first, before settling in.


That afternoon, I decided on a latte and a lemon tart.  The lemon tart was as delightfully sour as it should be. (I think it might have been largely flavored with Taiwanese lemons, which are green, and taste more similarly to limes, rather than yellow lemons). What stood out was the crisp, buttery deliciousness of the crust.  It was by far, the most, sincere pastry crust I have tasted in a long time.


The other dessert that surprised me was the blood orange tart. I basically hate orange slices on desserts.  (Basically because it brings up bad childhood memories of cafeteria fruit salad, and their soggy mandarin orange slices)  But Laura ordered one, just to try it, and I’m glad she did.  The fresh orange slices were lightly brushed with syrup, so they were still tangy with just a touch of sweetness.  The custard filling was lightly scented with orange and a hint of passion fruit.


What makes Doublé L pâtisserie a little different than the rest of the coffee shops in Taiwan is that the in-house bakery takes up quite a bit of room in the store.  It’s enclosed in glass, so you can watch some of the desserts being made.  The afternoon I was there, there were tart crusts being rolled out, and fillings being made in the Kitchenaid mixer.  Fresh items were added to the display case as they were being made.  The entire shop was delicately scented with the smell of butter, and made a rainy afternoon as cozy as could be.


The best part is,  Doublé L still takes reservations, so call ahead and make sure there is a table waiting for you when you arrive.  (A separate note, several coffee shops  and restaurants in Taiwan have stopped taking reservations, preferring to operate on a stand-by basis, which in some spots can mean a wait to upwards an hour.  I personally think being able to plan ahead and make a reservation seems like the restaurant respects and values my time and money; and I would choose to spend my time and and money there).



Information: Address:  No. 38, Songzhi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110| Phone: 02 2758 1861| Hours: 12-6 pm (closed on Tuesdays) |MRT: Red line, World Trade Center/ Taipei 101 Station, Exit 3 | 台北市信義區松智路38號|營業時間:12:00~18:00 周二休



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