Hello Tokyo 2017: Itoya Stationery Experience, in Ginza

Itoya is located in Ginza, the very posh area of Tokyo.  The first time I was there, it was undergoing renovations.  I’m happy to report the renovations have long been completed, and now,  visually, the store is stunning. It is now an impressive 12 floors, each organized by theme, such as Letter, Desk, Travel, Home, Fine Paper, Craft, with a cafe on the very top floor.


The display in the storefront is hundreds of pencils “floating” in the air.

The store is mostly composed of simple, clean lines, and light colors, with complementary displays. One of my other favorites were these mobiles, made up of white card stock and butterfly clips.

Throughout the store there are these shelves shaped like wooden houses, displaying cards and paper goods.

By far, one of the most visually interesting stores is the 7th floor, which houses “fine paper.”

If you ever are in need of paper for a special project, Itoya is definitely the place for it.  There must have been at least twenty different shades of white, alone!

In addition to the specialty papers, there was also racks and racks of note cards, postcards and cards.

And of course, Itoya has an impressive washi tape display.

Other items that I think may be unique to Japan are these cards with students on them~ I think they may be to celebrate “Back to School?” I was pretty surprised at how intricately made these mass produced cards were!

If you look closely, each backpack has a different charm.  The one shown below also comes with cute erasers, in the shape of a backpack, shoes and scissors. Just adorable! If I were a kid, I (almost) wouldn’t mind going back to school if it meant I could receive one of these cards.

I actually didn’t spend that much time in Itoya. I was expecting to be in there for hours, but it turned out to be a really quick trip. To be honest, I kind of missed the hodge podge-dness of the old store.  In that store, you could find all sorts of treasures, everything from notebooks made from classic Japanese brands, and unexpected kitchen gadgets, etc. The newly remodeled Itoya feels a bit too sterile, too expensive, and has kind of lost its charm for me.  However, I still recommend a stop here, if you happen to be in the area.  It’s aesthetically stunning, and still worth a browse.


Information:  G. Itoya |Address: Tokyo, Chuo, Ginza 2-7-15 |Hours: Monday–Saturday 10:00–20:00, Sunday/Holidays 10:00–19:00 |CAFE Stylo, on the 12th floor, is open until 22:00 (last order 21:00) | Wi-Fi: Not Available |Nearest Station(s): Tokyo Metro, Ginza Station (a 2 minute walk from the A13 exit of Tokyo Metro Ginza Station) |Phone Number:
G. Itoya/ +81(0)3-3561-8311| CAFE Stylo/ +81(0)3-3567-1108| Website:  http://www.ito-ya.co.jp/


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