Hello Tokyo! A preview of upcoming posts.

Hello everyone!

I’m back! I had such a wonderful time during my trip and I can’t wait to share my adventures with you in the upcoming weeks.  A few highlights can been seen over on my Instagram, such as my trip to the tranquil Nezu Museum, my mothership, Muji, and even a sojourn to the Traveler’s Factory, a trip that I’ve dreamed about since my friend Peggy introduced me to Traveler’s journals a few years ago.   My friend Laura joined me for part of the trip, and treated me to Harb’s strawberry cake for my birthday, which ticked off another item on my Tokyo wish list. I have series of posts planned about what I saw, ate, and of course, bought.  So I hope you will come back every Monday for the next couple of weeks, for a little glimpse of the Tokyo I experienced this time.

親愛的大家~我回來啦!從東京回來後, 感覺很滿足,收穫也很多。 我會花一點時間整理一下照片 & 文字   In the meantime, 可以先去我的 IG 看看喔! 也祝大家新年快樂 雞年好運!



Shinjuku, Tokyo

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