Field Trip: Goodbye Macaroni Cafe!

I found out recently Macaroni Cafe, one of my favorite cafes in Taipei is being remodeled and re-branded.  While this means the cafe will still be in operation in this same location, the changes still makes me feel a little sad.


Macaroni Cafe is run by the same company that runs Xiaoqi (which I wrote about herehere and here )  After November 30th, this cafe will no longer be known as the Macaroni Cafe, but as one of Xiaoqi’s cafes.  The menu will be different, but the good news is all the plates and kitchenware will still be available for sale.  Except for one style.

This plate (the same design can also be found on a cup and saucer combination) has a hand drawn map of the neighborhood that Macaroni Cafe lives in, will only be available until November 30th.


The neighborhood on this plate  holds a special place in my heart because it’s close to the first apartment I had when I first moved back to Taipei.  The first branch of my favorite stationery store can be found here. Even though the map only specifies “church” and “bookstore,” I know exactly which bookstore and church it is.

I made a special trip to the cafe to purchase this plate for my collection.  Since it was close to lunch time, I decided to have lunch there too.  I ordered a set lunch, which consisted of an appetizer of soup and salad, a main course, and dessert and coffee.

The soup was a cream of potato soup, which was served chilled.  It’s firmly etched in my mind that cream of potato soup should be creamy and warm, so this soup was a miss for me.  However, I was completely won over by the salad, which had the most delicious citrus dressing.


Unfortunately, the two potato pieces were too hard, and dry.  The cream puff was filled with a few pieces of tomato, and some tomato pate.  The taste wasn’t particularly delicious or memorable.  But thank goodness, the hamburger was quite tasty, the patty was flavorful and juicy.  The inclusion of some bitter greens also added some depth of flavor and texture.


The dessert of the day was chocolate pound cake; it was served warm with a dollop of whipped cream.  It was sweet and chocolatey, and satisfying to the last bite.


I also really enjoyed my cafe au lait, which was served in an adorable latte bowl, on a wooden cutting board, with a cute spoon rest and spoon.


Of course a visit to Macaroni Cafe wouldn’t be complete without a thorough browse through the Studio M catalog first, and then the store afterwards.  As much as I love online shopping, I think it’s important to feel and hold dishes before purchasing.  That way you can be completely sure that you are buying something that fits your hand comfortably.  Even though there were so many things that I wanted, such as these mugs (one in every color, please!).


Or these cheese plates! 


I narrowed my focus on what I really currently need, which is a large bowl; something to slurp a big bowl of soup or noodles from.  The two I previously had, despite my best efforts, didn’t survive the move. Until I found something perfect, I have been eating soups and noodles out of a mixing bowl (it sounds worse than it is, but still, it wasn’t a great situation)

I dithered between these two bowls.


And this one…the product line is called “Fleur” because the sides of the bowl are etched with petals.


The best part about shopping at any store in the Xiaoqi branch is, the staff working there are lovely.  They understand that finding a perfect plate or bowl can be a process, and they are willing to weigh all the pros and cons, and help make decisions.  I finally decided on the second bowl, because it felt comfortable to hold, and also because it was the prettiest bowl I have seen in a very long time (and believe me, I’ve been looking!)

Since this bowl is handmade pottery (glazed terra-cotta), there are some specific ways to maintain it, and one particular step has to be done before the first use. It’s quite a bit of work, so I’ll show you the steps in a later post.  But if you want a sneak peak, you can see the bowl here! 

Also, remember, if you want your very own map plate, it’s only available until November 30th.



Information: Macaroni Cafe is open until November 30th.  Afterwards, it will be a different cafe, so they will be remodeling the first week of December or so.  |Address: Roosevelt Road, Section 3, Alley 284, Lane 70, No. 12. (MRT Taipower Station Exit 2.( Walk straight ahead until you see the sign for “陳名數學” Turn left into the alleyway, then turn right as soon as you see Family Mart~ it’s about a 5 minute walk!)| 02 2367 0057 (Reservations are taken on weekdays only) Phone: |台北市羅斯福路3段283巷7弄12號 | 02 2367 0057

For more detailed instructions on how to get to the cafe, please see my original blog post here!

(This is not a sponsored post, all experiences and viewpoints are my own, and all products consumed were paid for with my own money) 


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  1. i’m glad you returned to get the plate! i imagine there’s a lot of sentimental value given the cafe name has been changed. i’m also not a fan of cold soup – blech!

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