Field Trip: Enjoy the every day, at One Day Cafe | 小日子cafe

One of my favorite Chinese language magazines, One Day has expanded and opened up their own shop and cafe here in Taipei!

I’m a huge fan of their magazine, which has really well researched stories about people from all walks of life in Taiwan. The pages are filled with stories  and photographs about food, personal stories, philosophies and ways of life. I think it’s a much more realistic and accessible than most lifestyle magazines (I’m looking at you, Kinfolk!)

Their lifestyle store is a light an airy space located in the Gongguan (公館) neighborhood, near the huge indoor Shuiyuan Market (水源市場)Their shelves are stocked with various lifestyle and household products.


They also have limited edition canvas bags and notebooks, with their discreet, but distinctive logo.


They also have a collection of stamps that you can stamp and take away as a souvenir. I bought a notebook, and enjoyed stamping a few onto the pages.


Right across the way is their cafe. To the right, there is a window where you can order your drink.  They are all served as takeaways, but you can bring your drink next door to the cafe and sit down.


The cafe is tiny, with limited seating, at the bar by the floor length windows, and at two tables in the back. The interior feels fresh and light.


I ordered a cup of milk tea. The milk tea comes pre-sweetened, and it was just the perfect balance of sweetness. The milk comes from a small dairy in Tainan (Liouying Milk) who by the way, also produces a delicious yogurt.


The cafe is a pleasant way to sit down for a few minutes to rest before continuing on the rest of your day.

Oh, I almost forgot! I also wanted to show you some of their stamps~ like this one that features Taipei 101,


And one stamp that reminds us, no matter how complicated life gets, to always remember to focus on what is really important.



Information: Roosevelt Road, Section 4, Alley 52, Lane 16, No. 13. Taipei City, Gongguan District.| Ph: 02 2366 0294 |Hours: 12:30PM – 9:00PM | Website:  |羅斯福路四段52巷16弄13號|

(This was not a sponsored post. I paid for all items with my own money, and all experiences and opinions expressed are my own)


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