Product Review: Le Creuset Butter Keeper|新廚具使用心得 Le Creuset 奶油皿

One of my favorite items that I brought back from my travels this year, is my Le Creuset Butter Keeper (sometimes also known as a butter bell).  As far as I know, it’s not available in Taiwan, so it’s definitely an object of curiosity in my kitchen.

According to the Crate and Barrel’s website, butter keepers keep the butter soft, but not melted.  This is accomplished by a bit of water at the bottom of the container, which helps to keeps the butter cool. 

這次從美國回來帶了一個 Le Creuset 奶油皿~ 這個奶油皿特別的地方, 是可以讓奶油保持剛剛好 spreadable 的狀態! 神奇的地方,奶油不放冰箱也不會酸掉。 這是怎麼辦到的,其實我也不太會用中文解釋~所以就只能讓圖片說故事了!


To store butter in a butter keeper, you have to make sure that the butter is softened beforehand. (otherwise the butter won’t cling to the bell portion, and will just plop right into the water!)

首先, 奶油要放到稍微軟一點, 這樣才能把奶油放進容器裡。 太硬的奶油, 就會直接掉進水裡。


Smooth and swirl the softened butter into the bell. (What amazes me is that the Le Creuset butter bell is perfectly designed to fit exactly one stick of butter).


Then, fill the bottom part with cold water, right up to the fill line. 再來, 就加一些冷水到這裡~


Now tip the bell right into the water.  This creates and airtight seal, and keeps the butter from melting and spoiling.  然後把有奶油的部分到過來, 放入水裡。水會使容器密封,還有讓奶油保持適合的溫度。


Afterwards, just remember to change the water every day, and you will have wonderfully spreadable butter for your toast every morning.

你可能會想, 天啊, 台灣那麼熱,奶油怎麼可能不發霉? 我自己都有點懷疑~ 但其實有一些 小技巧。 奶油盡量不要碰到水~ 還有不要讓奶油沾到吐司的小屑屑 而且記得每一天要換水!


A few tips if you are living in a warm climate such as Taiwan:  I use icy cold water in the bell, and I change the water every day. I find that it also helps to keep the butter away from the edge of the bell, where it touches the water, otherwise the butter gets a little moldy.  I’m also careful to not get crumbs into the remaining butter, so I just scoop out as much as I need in one go.



(This was not a sponsored post. I paid for all items with my own money, and all experiences and opinions expressed are my own)

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