On my Kitchen Wishlist: The Balmuda Toaster from Japan

During my lunch hour, I came across this video on my Facebook feed, for the Balmuda Toaster. I was intrigued by the toaster’s simple design, so I clicked through to watch the video.  (Warning: watching this video will give you intense cravings for toast)


Balmuda Toaster Oven (Image source: Digital Trends)

The Balmuda toaster is made in Japan.  There are two factors that make this toaster oven unusual, first the price ($230USD~ approximately $7800 NTD)the second is that it guarantees delicious, perfect toast.

According to Digital Trends, this toaster has a humidifying function, which holds moisture inside the bread, while slowly browning it to perfect crustiness.

For some irrational reason, I want this toaster oven! Well, not totally irrational. I eat a lot of toast.  Until now, I was perfectly content to toast it in my regular toaster.  But now, I’m seriously tempted by the Balmuda toaster.  It’s fortunate that it’s only available in Japan, so I can only admire it from afar.  Have you ever been so tempted by a single-function device?

While we are on the subject of toast, there is also a cafe in Japan, called Centre The Bakery (in the Ginza district)  that is devoted to toast.  You can read about the dining experience at the lovely Tokyo Eats blog here. 



  1. since the youtube video was in korean, i’m guessing the toaster oven is also available in s. korea. any plans to visit there soon? 🙂 i have to say, one of the things i miss about japan is the availability of thickly sliced bread. i loved making eggs (usually one egg with one slice of bread was plenty filling) in nest topped with spaghetti sauce. in the u.s., i would have to get texas toast, but it’s doesn’t taste as plain as i would like.

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