Field Trip: Maison Kayser (微風南京店)

It seems like the pace of life always picks up in September.  Work starts getting busier.  I also feel so much more energetic when the weather (finally!) starts cooling down a bit.  I discovered Maison Kayser during one of my many trips to IKEA these past few weeks.  I originally thought I would grab a quick bite at the cafe downstairs, but it seemed like all of Taipei wanted to have Swedish meatballs the too! So I decided to find a more quiet and serene place to sit down and relax for a bit.  Maison Kayser is located on the first floor the re-modeled Breeze Nanjing Branch. The interior is bright and fresh, and the menu is pages of tempting drinks and light French fare. I ordered a vanilla latte and a quiche.


One of life’s greatest satisfactions is not having to choose between potato wedges and salad. (I usually want both!) The wedges were perfectly crisp on the outside, and mealy on the inside. The salad was fresh and dressed with a light and perfectly tart vinaigrette. The quiche was delicious and hearty, stuffed with bacon and potatoes, over a light, flaky crust.


There is also a display case filled to the brim with delectable croissants, breads and pastries, which I will definitely be trying next time. (I feared that the croissants would never survive the trip alongside my big blue IKEA bag filled with odds and ends).


Information: Maison Kayser (Breeze Nanjing Branch)| Address: Nanjing East Road, Section 3, No. 337, 1st floor| Phone: (02)6606-0508 | Maison Kayser (微風南京店) | 地址:台北市松山區南京東路三段337號1樓|電話:(02)6606-0508

(This was not a sponsored post. I paid for all items with my own money, and all experiences and opinions expressed are my own)


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