Happy 3rd Anniversary!

The old saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. It’s so, so true. I can hardly believe it, but Ciao Desserts is three years old!

I have a little tradition, where I go back to where I wrote one of my very first blog posts~ VVG Thinking at Huashan Creative Park for a meal. This year, I was lucky that my dear friend Laura was in town, and so we had dinner together to celebrate my little blog turning three.


It was one of those rare afternoons that neither of us didn’t have to rush off to be anywhere else. All we had on the agenda was to sit, talk, and enjoy. We started off with drinks, Laura had a strawberry lassi, and I had a deliciously tart lemon slushie.


After an hour of sitting in the cool brick caverns of VVG, we ordered our dinners. We started with their house fries~ which are  delightfully crisp on the outside, yet soft and velvety on the inside.


Then we both ordered the scallop and mushroom risotto. I daresay, VVG Thinking makes the best risotto in Taipei.


The rice was creamy and flavorful, and the scallop was grilled to perfection.


Afterwards, as tradition dictates, we wandered around upstairs in the shop. It used to be you could take photos to your heart’s content, but now the shop has a “no photos” policy. We just did a quick browse, and then decided to walk around outside.  I discovered that  Huashan is a completely different place in the evening.  It’s less crowded, and much quieter, with people mostly eating dinner, and enjoying walks around the grounds.  I finally got to see the Upside Down house too. (The exhibit was closed for the day, but I might come back another day to see it~ have you been inside? Do you recommend?)


Thanks so much for reading my blog! I hope that you will enjoy the posts I have in store for the upcoming year.

You can also read my very first blog post here, and the post from my second anniversary here.



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