Field Trip: Macaroni Cafe & Bakery Taipei (Studio M)

Update: Macaroni Cafe & Bakery has now closed, and reopened in the same, slightly remodeled location under a new name, Xiaoqi. 

Macaroni Cafe & Bakery is located in one of the charming old neighborhoods in Taipei ~and it blends in so well with its surrounds, that it’s a little hard to find the first time around. So I’m giving more precise directions than usual, in hopes that you’ll be able to find it.  After you exit MRT Taipower Station (Exit 2), walk forwards, cross the street (it’s a large intersection that is divided up into two stoplights) Walk until you see this big red sign (you can match up the phone number if you don’t read Chinese 🙂 )


On your immediate left, you will see a Family Mart Convenience store. Walk across the crosswalk towards your right, and Macaroni Cafe & Bakery is a few doors down.


I walked by it the first few tries, because the shop sign is pretty discreet.

This apartment building must have been quite glorious in its prime (with a spacious (elevated!)front patio facing the park! This is so luxurious in the heart of Taipei.


Once inside, you will discover that you have entered kitchenware heaven.


If the shop design and dishes look a bit familiar to you, it’s because Macaroni is run by the same company as Xiaoqi, and Chifeng 28.  Both are two of my very favorite places to buy special items for my home.  (You can read about my previous experiences here, here and here)


The designers at Studio M drew a map especially for the Macaroni store in Taiwan, and it’s printed on this blackboard, and on their limited edition plates.


You can borrow a copy of the Studio M catalogue to browse at your table.


The catalogue is printed on thick cardstock, and the images are lovely.  You can also ask the staff at Macaroni to help you order any of the items that you see in the catalog, but that are not available on the shelves.


The friendly staff bring you a mini pitcher of water and glass right when you sit down. The carafe is just the right size, and so cute that you don’t mind pouring your own water.


I had already had already had lunch, and it was too early for afternoon tea, so I just ordered an iced cafe au lait.


The foam on top was perfectly thick and creamy, almost like an ice cream consistency.

IMG_6512 - Copy

Then it was time to ogle all the tempting dishes and bakeware.


The staff at Macaroni are helpful and they will give you all sorts of information about the different types of dishes.



When you buy an item, it comes with a QR code, which will tell you whether the item is safe to go on the stove top, in the oven, and sometimes on the microwave.


One of my favorite dish combinations is this bowl and plate combination~ you could serve yogurt with a side of fruit, or veggies and dips, or fruit and dips in it.




Information: Address: Roosevelt Road, Section 3, Alley 284, Lane 70, No. 12. (MRT Taipower Station Exit 2.( Walk straight ahead until you see the sign for “陳名數學” Turn left into the alleyway, then turn right as soon as you see Family Mart~ it’s about a 5 minute walk!)| 02 2367 0057 (Reservations are taken on weekdays only) Phone:   |台北市羅斯福路3段283巷7弄12號 | 02 2367 0057

(This was not a sponsored post. I paid for all items with my own money, and all experiences and opinions expressed are my own)


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