Field Trip: Cafe Marché (Zhongshan MRT Station) 咖啡瑪榭中山店

The day that I visited Cafe Marché , I was feeling extremely hangry. (Hungry + angry). I got distracted by something that annoyed me so much that I forgot to eat lunch.  So by the time I was ready to leave the office, I was practically shaking from hunger. Luckily, I had dinner with my friend Laura to look forward to.  We arranged to meet at Cafe Marché, which is conveniently located near Zhongshan MRT station.  The best part about eating with an understanding friend is that you can order whatever you want on the menu, AND have dessert too.  This  dear friend won’t judge you, and best of all, she will also eat dessert with you. Believe me,  this is rare. If you have a friend like this, cherish her for life.



In my hangry state, I wanted something hearty and filling, so I chose the seafood risotto. It arrived with a cloud of lime foam, which added a refreshing bit of tanginess to overall taste of the risotto.  Unfortunately, the rice was a bit hard, and the two mussels were a bit tough.

(On a side note,  I think one place to get a truly outstanding risotto in Taipei is at VVG Thinking).


Laura ordered the lasagne, which tasted fine, but wasn’t too spectacular.  There was also a strange crunchiness in the sauce, which might have been chopped up carrots or something.


By the time I had finished my main course, my mood had lifted. The atmosphere of       Cafe Marché is actually very calming, so we decided to stay for dessert.  I’m so glad that we did, because I discovered that the true stars at Cafe Marche are the desserts.  Laura ordered the strawbery millefeuille, and I originally ordered the raspberry souffle.  Unfortunately, they were out of the souffle, so I changed my order to the French lemon cake. The waiter told us that there would be about a 30 minute wait for desserts, because they are all freshly made to order.


You might think 30 minutes?! But I am happy to report that the desserts at  Cafe Marché are worth every minute of the wait.  The millefeuille arrived first, and the layers were freshly baked, and sandwiches layers of creamy custard.


Each of the desserts came with a scoop of ice cream or sorbet.  The millefeuille was served with vanilla ice cream, and my lemon cake was served with lime sorbet.


It’s definitely worth mentioning that the ice cream and sorbets are handmade in house. I really appreciate this gesture, because I know how much work is involved in making homemade ice cream and sorbet.


The lemon cake was freshly baked in a mini bundt pan (which reminds me that I have to order mine!)  The cake had a moist, buttery crumb, with just the right hint of lemon.  The icing was the perfect balance of sweet and sour, and provided a good contrast to the warm butter-iness of the cake.


The finishing touch was the dried lemon slice, which is also  made on site.  I know you’re probably not supposed to eat the garnishes, but I couldn’t help sneaking a taste, and it’s was a lovely combination of tart, bitter, sour and sweet.  I wish they made it a softer, candied version, which would also taste lovely with the cake.


After dinner and dessert, we went for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, and I returned home afterwards, full and happy and content.


Information: Cafe Marché  | Address: Zhongshan North Road, Section 2, Alley 16, No. 15 |Ph: 02-2567-9077| 北市中山區中山北路二段16巷15號| Ph: 02-2567-9077

(This was not a sponsored post. I paid for all items with my own money, and all experiences and opinions expressed are my own)

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