Field Trip: Pasticceria Confetteria Cova in Taipei. 米蘭百年甜點老店COVA來台灣了 (信義微風)

At first, I really didn’t think Taipei needed yet another department store, but I’ve been warming up to the new Breeze Department store,  which is located in the heart of the Xinyi District. It’s now home to my beloved Crate & Barrel, and also one of my new favorites to go for afternoon tea, Cova. Cova is an Italian patisserie from Milan, and their specialties are chocolate and of course, their desserts.


Since April, I’ve been there quite a few times; both on my own, and with friends.  Each time, I’ve found their service to be warm, friendly and considerate.


After you are seated with menu in hand, order your drink and then go take a look at their pastry case.


The case is filled with a tempting selection of “mini” desserts, on the left side, top shelves, slices of cake towards the bottom.


The right side is filled with decadent cakes that you can order for a birthday or special occasion.


The mini desserts are just the right size of satisfying.  You can try several different types without feeling overwhelmed.


The mini desserts are a good way to try all that Cova has to offer, before committing yourself to a bigger portion.  I’ve tried the mini sacher torte (too sweet, and not chocolatey enough for me) the raspberry tart (divine crust, and buttery custardy filling) and mango mousse (ethereal mango heaven).


There is a minimum drink order at Cova, and they have the usual espresso drinks.  But I actually really enjoy their hot chocolates.  They can be served with steamed milk, or without. The version served without milk is thick like fudge. If you prefer a lighter version, definitely make sure to order the one with steamed milk.


I also discovered that their in-house Earl Grey tea pairs well with all their desserts.


And after all the taste testing (seriously hard work :p) I finally found the cake that will forever have my heart. The Mimosa fragola.


The mimosa fragola has a light, feathery sponge cake base, and is layered with Chantilly cream  and fresh strawberries. The cake is lightly frosted with more Chantilly cream and then topped with tiny pillows of sponge cake.


On a side note: I’ve heard that in Italy, these cakes are given by men to women to express their love. If someone bought me (or made me) this cake, I would definitely feel their love!

Cova is a lovely location for afternoon tea. The space is quite generous, the ceilings are high, the lighting is soft and warm, and the desserts are a treat.  Perfect for chatting with a small group of dear friends.


Information: Cova, Breeze Department Store, Xinyi Branch. | Address: Zhongxiao East Road, Section 5, No. 68, 2nd Floor| MRT Taipei City Government, Exit 3| Phone: (02)2722 7655| 地址:台北市忠孝東路5段68號1.2F (微風信義) |電話:(02)2722 7655

(This was not a sponsored post. I paid for all items with my own money, and all experiences and opinions expressed are my own)


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