Field Trip: UZNA OMOM Harajuku Pancake 杏桃鬆餅屋 (南港 Citylink)

Once upon a time, Uzna Omom used to have just one location somewhere in Taipei’s East District (東區) A table was difficult to come by, and the dining experience always felt a little frenzied, as it usually does with popular cafes in Taipei.   Luckily, Uzna Onom opened up quite a few more stores around town, so it’s become easier to have one of their hearty soufflé pancakes and matcha lattes.

On a side note, it was only when I moved back to Asia before I realized that savory pancakes were a thing.  Before then, I thought pancakes were more of a breakfast food, topped with maple syrup or fresh fruit, and maybe whipped cream or ice cream if you were being really decadent.  It was only recently that I realized pancakes could have a whole other life form~ and can be topped with smoked salmon, or cheese.  But to be very honest, pancakes are firmly etched in my brain as a sweet food item, and I haven’t been too convinced otherwise.

My favorite item to order at Uzna Omom is the thick soufflé pancake.  Apparently, this pancake is only available in Taipei!

The soufflé pancake comes in two sizes, single or double layers.  While the double layer is much more photogenic, the single layer is a more realistic option.  The pancake is baked to order, so it takes about 20 minutes or so.  It  arrives all warm and toasty, with a generous dollop of butter on top. I recommend spreading the butter evenly on top of the cake immediately before it soaks into the middle of the cake.  The pancake itself is a bit dry, so the butter provides that much needed bit of moisture. The pancake arrives with a tiny pitcher of maple syrup. I recommend pouring as you eat, because otherwise the pancake gets a little soggy and sticky.  The pancake itself has a distinct flavor of egg, which I enjoy, but it’s quite strong, so I thought I would mention it, just in case. (I read somewhere that some of the cake ingredients are imported from Hokkaido Japan, and others are sourced locally from Taiwan).


What makes Uzna a bit different than all the other places that serve matcha lattes or au laits is that their  matcha arrives in powder form in the bowl, and is served with a matcha whisk, a clear pitcher of hot water, a side of steamed milk and a tiny serving of brown sugar syrup.


The water and matcha powder are whisked together to release the bitterness of the powder. You can choose to either whisk the matcha yourself, or the staff member is happy to do it for you.


I enjoyed my soufflé pancake and matcha latte  at one of Uzna Omom’s newer locations, in Nangang’s new(ish) City Link Mall.  It gets quite busy on weekend afternoons, but on a weeknight, I had almost the entire cafe to myself!  The location is perfect, because it’s right above the MRT station, train station, and soon to arrive Nangang high speed rail station.



Information: Nangang City Link, MRT Stop: Nangang Station.  Building B, 2nd Floor. |Phone: 02-2652-9220.  (Reservations are only taken on weekdays.  There is a 90 minute dining limit on weekends).

This was not a sponsored post.  I paid for all items consumed. All experiences, viewpoints and opinions expressed are my own. 


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