Field Trip: Must Buys from the U.S. (Part 2: Cosmetics)美國必買心得 (2:化妝保養品)*

This is the second installment in the series of what I purchased during my business trip to the U.S. a few months ago.  This post will feature my favorite U.S. cosmetic purchases. These are 9 items that you can’t easily buy in Taiwan.  It’s been really hard to take good photos here, because we have been having what feels like eons of rain, gloom and doom here in Taipei.  So, similar to my earlier post on my kitchenware buys, I’ll use stock photos for purposes of clarity (and my sanity!)
這次要提一下我在美國喜歡買的化妝,保養品。 這些我在台灣比較不方便買的到, 所以到美國一定會 stock up (存貨)!

第一排是我喜歡的 眼影,指甲油 and 護唇膏。 Urban Decay 的眼影 我覺得大地色 (沒有亮金金!)很實用, 也很省空間。

I’ll first introduce the makeup items. I love the smooth and silky shades of Urban Decay’s naked eye shadow basics. This case is nice and small, and would be handy to travel with.

ud naked

Image source:

I’ve loved and used Essie nail polishes since my college days~ they have the most perfect shades of pink. Essie 指甲油的粉紅色系列在我眼中是最美的, 每次去一定會帶一瓶回來~Essie 的粉色系列真的是非常的優秀。

essie sugar daddy

Image source:

My favorite lip balm of all time is the Sugar line from Fresh, because it has a lovely, velvety texture that is never sticky or too shiny.

這個護唇膏很滋潤但不黏膩!很適合冬天使用。 到了台灣的夏天很容易融化, 所以我都盡快在夏天之前用完!

fresh 2

Image source:

I’m happy to see that they have an “advanced therapy” formula now… which really is a nice way to say “anti-aging,” right? 😀 But it’s fine. In my advanced age, I could use some advanced therapy.


fresh 1

Image source:


The following photos are of the skincare and body care products I bought this time. I’ve always enjoyed using Aveeno products, they are gentle and I like the fact they are scent free, so they don’t compete with my perfume.



Image source:



One part I always forget when I travel outside of Taiwan is how dry some parts of the world can be.  Usually, I don’t need heavy moisturizers, but it was definitely necessary for the two weeks I was in the U.S., where the air was cold and bracing outside, and dry and warm from the heaters inside.  I found Aveeno’s body lotion to be perfect.  Plus, it’s also fragrance free, which I really appreciate.

aveeno lotion

Image source:

Kiss My Face liquid rock deodorant is one of those items that I grew up with, and if I had to bring 3 items to compete on the Amazing Race (ha!) this would be one of them.


Image source:

This deodorant is AMAZING, and holds up in the cruel humidity of Taiwan’s summers. I’m always terrified I’m going to run out, so I ask my friends to bring it to me whenever they are coming in from the U.S. Natalie even brought it all the way to Japan with her, when we met up a few years ago!

這次買的保養品。 值得介紹的是 Kiss My Face 的 止汗液~ 不知道為什麼在台灣買的到的止汗液的有濃濃的香味。而且香味都跟我的香水不 match. Kiss My Face 是美國超市就買的到的,沒有香味, 是天然的止汗液。 每次去美國一定會帶 2-3 瓶回來。 在炎熱的夏天真的很有用!其實為什麼會喜歡 AVEENO 的開架式保養品的原因是一樣的, 沒有香味, 而且在美國超市也容易買的到。

Lastly, the products I’m trying for the first time are the Ren cleansing milk, the Beauty Blender sponge and the Sephora pore cleansing pad.  去美國, 一定要去逛一趟 Sephora。 這個店裡面是化妝品, 保養品的天堂。 而且重點在, 櫃姐,櫃哥都不會跟著你跑。 他們會禮貌的跟你打招呼, 為你需不需要幫忙, 你可以回他 “thanks, I’ll just have a look around first” 然後他們就會讓你自己慢慢看。 如果需要介紹的話,再說 “Hi, can you help me out?”  然後她們就會多花點時間介紹。 在 Sephora 可以看到很多不同的產品 ~這次我想嘗試新的洗面乳



Image source:

另外買的是好姐妹 Carol 介紹的 化妝棉~ 這個化妝看起來很厲害~ 對化妝技術不是很好的人, 應該是一個有用的小幫手!

beauty blender

Image source:


pore scrubber

Image source:

Speaking of Sephora, I had the best time shopping in the Portland downtown store, with my dear friend Carol. It was like we traveled back into time to our carefree student days, and could spend a leisurely afternoon just browsing, comparing and recommending products to each other.  If all goes well, this business trip to the U.S. will be a bi-annual event, so I’m hoping that we will be able to have another Portland weekend during that time!

I hope you have enjoyed reading all the posts in this series. I’ll make sure to update everyone as I use these items in my daily life, either over at Instagram, or right here.


Please note: Most of the products here were purchased at Sephora, Target, or Safeway.

這次買的化妝品跟保養瓶來自 Sephora, Target Safeway.

*This is not a sponsored post. I paid for all items with my own money, and all experiences and viewpoints expressed are my own.



  1. I’ve been always eyeing UD eyeshadow palette but somehow i ended up getting LORAC instead, how does UD pigmentation work on asian’s more yellow tone skin colour? Because I find they have so many neural tones and I’m worried if the colour payoff is not as great as it does on fair skin tone?
    Great post btw!

    • Hi Chloe, I like Urban Decay’s eyeshadows. I think the pigmentation is just right but I find that it really helps to use an eyeshadow primer first to help the colors stay put.
      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. i got the sample size of the sugar lip balm the last time i was at sephora and i agree with your assessment: not too sticky or shiny. i’ve been trying to find a deodorant alternative that does not contain aluminum, so will have to give yours a try.

  3. i use kiss my face shampoo and conditioner, so i’m familiar with the brand. i still have a couple of dove deodorant sticks left, so will give kiss my face deodorant a try next time.

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